Sumatra Red Vein Kratom, the Opposite of the Legendary Maeng Da

Kratom can do classified in many ways. It can be classified according to vein type or strain. It also has a diverse scale of effects ranging from stimulating to relaxing. The Maeng Da kratom is known to be the strongest and most potent strain available. While Maeng Da means known for encouraging, the Sumatra Red Vein is known to be efficiently seating. The two strains bring opposite results but are both very powerful.

Red Vein Kratom in General

The growing demand for kratom may do attributed to its painkilling effects. That is also the reason red vein kratom types are known to be best-sellers. Also, there is an abundant supply of red vein kratom, so it is not as expensive as other types. The following are the traditional effects of red vein kratom:

  • Painkilling – Red vein kratom contains high levels of 7-hyrdroxymitraginine. This alkaloid is an opioid agonist, which means that it can act as a painkiller like many other opioid. Red Vein Borneo and Red Vein Indo is known to be the best strains in relieving vein kratom
  • Sedating – More and more kratom users are finding the red vein type of kratom very useful as relaxants. That may be because of the alkaloid content of red vein kratom. Aside from high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine, the red vein type also contains some mitraphylline, which means known for muscle relaxing properties, and tetra-hydro alstonite, which is known to calm the body and slow the heartbeat.

Characteristics of Sumatra Red Vein Kratom

Sumatra red vein kratom acts named after its place of origin, Sumatra, an island in Indonesia known as the sixth largest in the world. It acts reported that Sumatra red vein kratom was locally used by chewing raw leaves. This strain serves known as one of the most sedating of its kind. Aside from painkilling and seating purposes, the Sumatra red vein kratom can also be used in:

  • treating anxiety
  • treating depression
  • calming the nerves
  • relieving sleep difficulties
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • enhancing the mood
  • relaxing the mind and body

Other Strains Effective in Painkilling and Relaxing

Aside from the Sumatra strain, there are also other kratom strains with strong painkilling effects. The following strains can also be useful for relieving pain:

  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Indo
  • Malaysian

The Maeng Da kratom also has strong painkilling effects. It means recommended for people looking for painkilling effects without the sedating touch. The strains Bali, Borneo, and Indo, can also have high relaxing effects. Since kratom strains differ in effects, they can only be compared with the strength of their impact. Where is no certain way to tell which kratom strain is the best because it depends on the person’s needs and preferences.

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