The Different Strains of Kratom & Their Effects

In this article, we’re going to discuss the different effects of Kratom that are experienced from different strains of kratom. Again, I have to point out that I am not a medical doctor and that this article is to be used for informational and convenience purposes only. Strains of Kratom is available in many different…
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What is Kratom?

Kratom, which goes by the medicinal name mitragyna speciosa, is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia. It is a tropical plant that belongs to the coffee tree family. As with most green plants, Kratom is said to be high in antioxidants. Kratom has been used for centuries in the Eastern world for a multitude…
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How to Take Kratom Powder – The Toss & Wash Method

A lot of kratom newbies order their kratom only to be confused on the method of intake. This article will outline some of the tips and tricks to help you understand how to use the kratom toss and wash method. Probably the easiest way to consume kratom would be to make capsules. The problem with…
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The Many Uses of the Kratom Plant

Asia and especially Southeast Asia is known for varieties of Kratom plant species which have been used for ages for medicinal value. One of such plant species with medicinal value is Kratom, a plant that is native to Southeast Asia and botanically called Mitragyna speciosa. For many years, people in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and other…
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