Lessons from Other Drugs Applied to Kratom

For years, the world has been battling against drugs, so there is something so-called “War on Drugs.” And with media hysteria and a reactive government in many countries, there have been many significant moves against drugs, and one of those is against kratom that has already been banned from some countries, including Thailand and Australia.…
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Other Kinds of Kratom – like Plant and Drug

A new drug, named Kratom, which has been used for ages in Southeast Asia, has come to the fronts of the United States and Europe. It comes in the form of either a capsule or in crumbled pieces of leaves, which are pulverized to be taken as medicine and for making beverages like tea, respectively.…
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Pharmaceutical Companies and Kratom

There are many potential health benefits of kratom and pharmaceutical companies know that. Through the years, various companies have been exploring on the medical uses of kratom, although some of them keep themselves blind to its potential due to reasons, too. Check out this article and see the link between pharmaceutical companies and kratom. What…
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