Our Refund Policy

We want you to be a satisfied customer, so all of the Kratom products are backed by a 30-day guarantee. This means that you will get a full refund which includes shipping costs if you are not fully satisfied with your order. The 30-day period is in effect from the time you get your order and is based on your tracking information.

In order to receive your refund, please use the contact form on the Kratom Crazy website to fill out your request. A representative of Kratom Crazy will assist you with processing your refund transaction at that time. During the transaction, the representative may suggest an exchange and/or ask you why you are dissatisfied with your product or service you received. The choice will be up to you as to whether you want credit, a store exchange or full refund.


In the case of a full refund, we request that you return the Kratom product whether the packaging is open or unopened. Those orders that are Domestic (within the United States) are eligible for paid return shipping costs. On the other hand, International orders outside of the U.S. are not eligible for any return postage costs.

If you reside in the United States, you can ask that we send you a return postage label. In this instance, we will send a postage slip to your address in order for you to return your Kratom products free of charge. Whether you are a U.S. consumer or International consumer, we will refund the full amount of your order once you send the tracking information back to us. Once you relay the tracking information to Kratom Crazy, we will process your refund.

Credit Card Refunds

The refund will credited back to the card you ordered your Kratom products on. A refund will typically take 5-7 business days to show on your statement. However, it may take longer in certain circumstances. If you have any questions concerning the process, feel free to contact customer support at any time.


ATTENTION: Currently, we only have bank to bank e-check as payment option. The funds are confirmed instantly so no there is no need to wait for clearing. Our new processing solution should be ready within the first week of May.