How to Incorporate Kratom into a Healthy Lifestyle & Choosing the Right Dosage

This article is going to discuss how to fit Kratom into an otherwise healthy lifestyle and how the user will react to different doses. Please note that this is not to be considered medical advice. I am not a licensed medical doctor, and this article is written strictly for convenience purposes. Any advice that you choose to follow should be done at your own discretion.

images (1)As with any other substance used to alter mood, alcohol or any illegal substance, there’s doses that can be categorized as ‘too much’, ‘too little’, and ‘just right.’ Obviously most want to aim for ‘just right’. Unlike most drugs, there’s no risk of overdose with Kratom. Finding out what works just right will depend on a number of variables, such as the quality of the Kratom, whether you’re consuming it on an empty stomach, and the last time you used it.

This is actually quite a similar guideline to how one should approach alcohol. Generally speaking, Kratom is best taken on an empty stomach. A recommended dose for a beginning user is anywhere between 3 – 5 grams. Users should begin experiencing a feeling within 20 minutes of ingestion. Again, Kratom is typically used by simply chewing the leaves. It can also be ingested by using the easy toss and wash method, which we covered in a previous article. If you don’t exceed this dosage and regularly rotate the strains you’re consuming, you should always feel ‘something’.

Unlike other illegal drugs, Kratom can be consumed on a daily basis quite safely, without the potential for addiction or abuse. Even at the very worst, if one were to consume Kratom several times a day, with different strains,and then quit using it cold-turkey, the effects would be minor and the withdrawal symptoms would be minimal and very temporary. In order to keep tolerance fairly lokratom-mood-300x243w and continually experience effects each time it is used, it is also recommended the user regularly rotate strains, but not on the same day. It is best for a user to pick one strain, and use it only throughout that day. The different amount of strains can be anywhere from 5-10, as this generally works best. It is also important to consume enough water while on Kratom, as it can dehydrate the user, much in the same way caffeine or alcohol can.

It is best to create a schedule in advance as to what strains of Kratom you are going to consume and on which days. The ideal amount of strains to rotate between would be seven, since this would allow the user to consume a different strain each day of the week. This not only keeps tolerance low, it allows the user’s body to recuperate fully from the last strain that was used (keeping in mind different strains produce different effects). It’s also important to plan ahead as to which times of the day you’re going to consume Kratom, as you don’t want it to interfere with your priorities. Remember, this is to be used a supplement to a healthy, productive lifestyle, not as a replacement to one. Be sure to balance usage between your job, hobbies, family/relationship commitments, etc appropriately.

I hope this was a fairly useful, broad overview of how one can appropriately incorporate Kratom use into their life. In our next article, we’ll discuss the effects of Kratom.

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