Truth About Kratom Effects

June 28, 2015 Articles

Truth About Kratom Effects

Kratom’s botanical name is Mitragyna Speciosa, which is a herb commonly found and grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and some other parts of Southeast Asia. Kratom also comes from the family of the coffee tree, while its leaves are considered an herbal drug used for many purposes.

Kratom Dose-dependent Effects

Kratom effects are entirely dose-dependent. It basically acts as a stimulant, however, when taken in a low dose. When taken in higher doses, the effects are stronger and would last longer. Many Kratom users have reported their “afterglow” experience the following day after taking it. This positive impact is attributed to the dark green leaves of the tree that is capable of providing a fresh and consistent supply of powerful alkaloids, thus, resulting in a blissful experience among the users.

Natural Enhancer

While it is a special plant with unusual properties, it is nature’s unique gift. It is capable of helping people with their various needs, especially with health concerns. Kratom is significantly helpful in controlling and reducing pain, anxiety as well as in weight loss, plus many other ailments. It is used an enhancer, delivering an overall sense of wellbeing.

kratom natural enhancer

Low Doses

When Kratom is taken in low doses, it tends to produce motivation, stimulation, and extended energy, relieve fatigue, increase focus, and heighten the desire to work. It also helps in improving the social and communication skills of a person, while reducing depression and anxiety at the same time. It creates a general feeling of euphoria when taken in low doses.

High Doses

On the other hand, when it is taken in high doses, it tends to provide a sedating feeling, instilling a strong sense of relaxation. It also incorporates an analgesic aspect that is not noticed in low doses. Other users claim that they tend to appreciate music more than before and say that they become less sensitive to both emotional and physical pain. Hence, the users feel and look calm with a general comfortable feeling.

Duration of Kratom Effects

Kratom effects usually last between 4 and 6 hours. However, the effects and duration vary from one person to another. When taken in higher doses, prolonged effects are experienced, although the outcome still depends on the physiological and genetic makeup of the user. The effects and the duration also attribute to the type of Kratom strain as different strains have specific effects, thus, with the duration of the results.


It is always necessary for users, especially the beginners learn everything about because the truthful information surrounding this plant will help them decide on which strain to use based on their needs. Understanding the effects, the duration of effects, difference between low and high doses, and the general properties of Kratom are equally essential.

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