Kratom Can Make You Crazy, Says the Internet, Is It True or Not?

July 01, 2015 Articles

Kratom Can Make You Crazy, Says the Internet, Is It True or Not?

There are more and more forums, news-sites and reporters demonizing  kratom and many of them say that it can make you crazy. It is a fact the our society often gets clouded misinformation on substances people do not understand. Kratom is no different in this case and there is an incredibly large pool of misinformation being spread about this plant.

The Truth: What Real Users Say About Kratom

According to credible sources, the alkaloids present within kratom may cause similar effects to opiates. This in fact is no lie as certain kratom alkaloids do affect mu-opiate receptors in the brain. Regardless of this fact, kratom itself is much weaker than pharmaceutical or synthetic opiate drugs. At most, the user will experience a mild buzz or euphoria from the plant. Contrary to popular news-feeds and stories, kratom is not “legal heroin”. This is false statement that needs to be realized.

There are other blasphemous news stories suggesting kratom is a hallucinogenic drug. This is also false. Kratom is psychoactive but this does not make it fall into the hallucinogenic drug category like LSD. This statement is like suggesting that coffee is a hallucinogenic drug because the active ingredient is also psychoactive. These improper reports will continue to spread poorly-researched misinformation into our clueless society.

Low to moderate doses of this plant may improve one’s concentration, as reported by users in various forums. This effect may be helpful to users who have been studying for their exams or multi-tasking to beat deadlines (productivity). Many users have also reported improved functions like a higher level of energy similar to coffee when consuming kratom is low dosages.  Other users report an anxiolytic or anti-depressant result from this plant. Regardless, kratom is not a harsh pharmaceutical or illicit hallucinogenic like some media sources suggest.

Many faces of emotions

People should still take kratom seriously though because it can also be nasty. At higher doses, it may give unpleasant effects and it can also cause tolerance and addiction when abused. For instance, if you don’t want to feel sedated do not use it in high or concentrated (extract) amounts. Dosages can also change based on your age, weight, height and tolerance (factors which you can determined after your first use). There is no specific recommended dosage that applies to everyone due to these facts.

So, Can Kratom Make You Crazy According to the Internet?

In general, kratom gives various effects and at higher doses may make someone less sensitive to pain and feel more relaxed. They can also experience a general feeling of comfort in their bodies and see the world in a rather better perspective. For some users, higher doses cause sweating or itching, while some get dilated or small eye pupils.

It is true that kratom may be addictive and cause side effects, but isn’t this the same with anything? Compared to a legal drug like alcohol, kratom is certainly not as dangerous. Media will always try to demonetize what they don’t understand and in this case it is no different. Kratom will always be to blame. A large number of these negative news reports are a result of kratom being sold by research chemical or herbal-high suppliers. These suppliers markets to kids and teenagers. Some kratom products may even be adulterated. Until these suppliers are dealt with, kratom will likely always have a bad wrap.

The internet says kratom can make you crazy, but that is not true. It is not a synthetic drug or research chemical and has been around for a very long time. With this said, kratom is like any drug and without moderation, can cause negative side effects and addiction. Also people who use kratom recreationally are much more prone to abuse of the substance. People who abuse substances like kratom also are likely to abuse other drugs as well. In this case, it is hard to recognize the cause and effect of kratom abuse.

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