The US and Kratom Regulation

July 02, 2015 Articles

The US and Kratom Regulation

Kratom is legal to buy from many reputable US sellers and suppliers online. Many head shops are also selling it to their consumers in many states. They sell kratom powders, extracts and teas to their patrons, who are using it for a wide range of purposes, including increased energy, pain management and stamina in bed. With the high demands and kratom consumption increasing, it has gained much attention from authorities and government agencies and as a result, its legality is now in question.

Kratom and US Regulation

What many people don’t know is that no state in the US has actually banned the kratom plant officially, only the one alkaloid within the kratom plant has been banned. Therefore, kratom technically still stands to be legal in all the US states. A lot of misinformation is still floating around that is incorrect. It is still a good idea to check your laws as things do periodically change.

If you are in the middle of deciding to buy kratom, you should keep yourself updated on the laws and continuously check to avoid any law violation even if you think it is ok. While kratom use and possession is still legal in many states, some of them have started to take action against the herbs alkaloids. In this case, you should check the latest laws in your state to avoid any possible implications of possesion. With so many changes introduced to the public about the legality of kratom, many users cannot help but be confused on the matter.

Kratom Legal Status Us

Part of the confusion is that many sources would tell you that kratom is a narcotic and addictive substance, with effects often compared to bath salts and synthetic marijuana. It is a no-brainer to distinguish the difference between kratom and all these chemically synthesized products because kratom itself is all-natural (plant-derived). Therefore, it is unfair to class kratom in the same group as synthetic “research chemicals”. With this in mind, kratom is not without side effects or concerns for a consuming user.

So, What Is the Regulation or Legal Status of Kratom in the US?

That is a major question to answer because there are thousands of US consumers who are using kratom for a broad range of purposes, including pain treatment, post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and energy boosting. There are also many who consume kratom for boosting their concentration levels, something many compare with caffeine.

Indiana and Tennessee have outlawed one of the kratom alkaloids and Florida is considering the ban as well. These bans mean a particular synthetic version of kratom is banned. Although kratom is not illegal on the federal level, having it within these states could get one in trouble as law authorities are sometimes not able to understand the actual law itself. In these states it is best to avoid kratom altogether unless you are prepared to enlist legal council.

To date, kratom leaves and its alkaloid contents are not listed as a federally controlled  drug, meaning its possession, sale and use is legal, at least in the majority of the US states. Using kratom, therefore, is not a crime unless you are within a state that has banned it.

In general, kratom is not regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration, but individual states are starting to restrict the use of the alkaloids present in the plant. In Indiana, the plant prepared for consumption is illegal however, the plant in its unadulterated state is still legal. Other states, Louisiana, and Iowa, have started bills to restrict kratom consumption, but such have not been passed, meaning kratom is still unrestricted in these states.

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