Who Exactly Are These So-Called “Kratom Eaters”?

July 02, 2015 Articles, Kratom Effects

Who Exactly Are These So-Called “Kratom Eaters”?

Have you ever heard of kratom eaters?  Kratom eaters are from Thailand and they were amongst the first major mainstream users of kratom for recreational and therapeutic purposes. These users were some of the first to use kratom daily and they were the ones that paved the way to its popularity in modern day culture.

Who Are Kratom Eaters?

These kratom eaters are composed of peasants/slaves, laborers and market gardeners who were becoming addicts to the use of kratom leaves. Not only did these groups become identified to have a  kratom addiction but also people in the middle and managerial positions too. The Thai people were becoming addicted to kratom because it was often free and an alternative to opium. Kratom eaters usually possess dark skin which is the result of a long-term addiction to kratom. Due to the addictive effects and loss in opium revenue, the government of Thailand created and passed a law called the kratom Act of 2386 that started taking effect on August 3, 1943.


The beginning of kratom use in Thailand cannot be determined but it has been in existence for a long time. Traditionally, the villagers used it as an ingredient in cooking and in the treatment of diarrhea. Later on, the people started using the herb for recreational purposes, and as mentioned these people included laborers, market gardeners. It was a cheap and free buzz to help manage the long, hard days the kratom eaters endured.  For many, this buzz gave them the energy to keep working and helped to double as an antidepressant to help cope with the conditions of poverty and stress.

Kratom eating (addiction) is a progressive type of addiction that can start as early as adolescence and such addiction is characterized by the frequency of dosage of use. The withdrawal symptoms people can experience from kratom addiction can vary from minor to significant severity and according to sources, can be somehow similar as to what is observed with opiate addiction.

What Happens with Prolonged Kratom Addiction?

Kratom addiction and withdrawal depends on the length and amount of use. Withdrawal effects can make users experience a drop in energy , while some experience mental disturbances and even psychosis. Kratom addiction can be alarming, but such occurs due to poor drug education, especially for the rural youth where the herb is growing abundantly. Currently, kratom withdrawal experienced by kratom eaters have always been sources for debates and controversies, but many reports say that withdrawal is mild or minor and cannot even be compared to the withdrawal experienced in other types of drugs.

As you can sense, it is not the kratom eaters to fear but the fear of lack of drug education. If people, especially the youth, would be educated about the effects of addiction, not only from kratom but from other drugs as well, then there can be fewer problems in society. The Thai governments choice to ban kratom was a poor one and it resulted to be ineffective due to kratom being indigenous to the country.

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