The UK and Kratom Regulation

July 03, 2015 Articles

The UK and Kratom Regulation

Before learning of where to buy kratom in the United Kingdom, it may be wise to know what laws currently exist to avoid any legal dangers. In many countries, kratom is legal to buy, ship, possess and use and in most of the US. However, laws are not created equal and differ from country to country and so in the UK. If you are in a country, you are looking to buy and use kratom while there, you have to know the current regulations surrounding the drug.

Kratom Use in the UK is on the Rise

No wonder, the use of kratom in the whole world is rising. All mainly due to the spread of the word on how such a herb can become a potential source of healing for many health disorders. Including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, lack of energy, lack of focus, lack of libido and fatigue. In the past, the Thai discovered that chewing the leaves could boost their concentration at work and help them overcome the burden of hard work, the group being composed of market gardeners, peasants and construction workers. They chewed kratom to fend off hunger and to relieve the psychological stress of their complicated lives.


And in the recent years, roughly in 2004, kratom has increased in popularity in the world, including in the UK. There are many head shops, online suppliers and vendors that have gained interested and started selling it, too. With that so much easy access, Brits can use kratom whenever they want, especially when they want to give themselves a treat after a long week of hard work. They also use kratom for natural energy that they need to cope up with their busy lives and even managers and businessmen are consuming kratom for its stimulating effects.

Then, there are also patients who are dealing with pain who have started with kratom consumption due to its pain-relieving effect.

UK Regulation on Kratom

Right now, the herb is 100 percent legal in the country, except that there are restrictions on how such product should be marketed to the people. For instance, sellers should label ‘NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’ on their products and that they sell it mainly for research purposes and ethnobotanicals. So if you are in the UK buying kratom, you don’t have to worry about violating the law. Again, it is 100 percent to buy, ship, possess and use in the country.

But whether kratom stays legal in the UK remains the issue, and that’s what kratom fans and users should watch out and be vigilant. If you love kratom, let your voice be heard and protect your freedom to access it.

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