Kratom in Other Countries Outside Southeast Asia

July 07, 2015 Articles

Kratom in Other Countries Outside Southeast Asia

Kratom, a traditional herb from Asia used for the treatment of depression and diarrhea, among other purposes. It is a very popular internet drug that is currently taking the world by storm, alarming authorities and causing hysteria among the media. The drug, which is used as an alternative treatment to pain and stress management. It is not only prevalent in Southeast Asia but also in other countries. Part of its popularity for various remedies is the question on its legality and use.

United States

Kratom USA

The herb that originated in Asia is not controlled substance in the US, so it is considered illegal to grow, use and possess. In this case, you will not need any prescription to buy it from online or offline stores. But because the product is not regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration, it is not for human consumption. There are some states, however, which consider its legal regulation to control its sale. Therefore, you have to check with your local authorities if you are in the US before buying kratom for updated data.


Kratom Canada

The herb is currently legal for sale, use, possession and shipping without any problems in the country. So You still have the freedom to use kratom based on your particular purpose, including pain relief and stress management.

United Kingdom


Just like in the US, you can buy this herb from Asia without any prescription. It is not also banned or scheduled or controlled. There are some UK vendors selling kratom, but their pricing is quite higher than those based on the Northern American region.



The kratom tree including all of the alkaloids contained in the leaves are banned and are listed on the SUSDP’s Schedule 9 substance. A decision made in on October 2003 meeting of the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee in the country. They choose controlling the herb due to potential abuse that it poses according to authorities.



Kratom is not controlled, so it is legal to buy, ship, possess or use. You will not also need a prescription to access it, no matter your purpose. You can buy from reputable online and offline sources selling genuine and pure kratom extracts and powders.


Kratom used to be legal until 2009, but it had changed when the government decided to list it as a controlled substance. Therefore, do not buy, sell, possess or consume the drug when in the country to avoid any legal problems.

There you have a quick overview on the current status of kratom in other countries outside of South East Asia. You should keep yourself updated with the laws to stay out of trouble and continue enjoying the benefits kratom offer. Finally, buy only from reputable online sellers to get the full potential of the herb. Study your options well and use kratom wisely.

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