How to Take Kratom Extracts Like a Pro

July 14, 2015 Articles

How to Take Kratom Extracts Like a Pro

Kratom Extracts are the most popular form of Kratom. It is significantly stronger compared with other forms such as dried and powdered Kratom leaves. Kratom Extracts are made by boiling crushed leaves of Kratom tree and letting the water evaporate. The extract will then look like a thick, dark and solidified paste with a higher alkaloid component.

If you are new in the Kratom marketplace then using Kratom Extracts for the first time can be daunting. You should need to know the right dosage and the advised method so the drug will be more efficient. It is also worth to note that your body can quickly develop tolerance to Kratom when you use extract products since it is very concentrated.

Get the Right Dosage

As a beginner, you may wonder how the professionals use Kratom Extracts. Knowing the right dosage is an essential factor that can make you an expert. Try to start with a smaller amount and observe the changes that Kratom can do to your body to slowly determine your dosage sensitivity.

Dosage varies depending on the quality of Kratom Extract you own and the result that you want. Smaller dosage can produce more energizing and stimulating effects while larger dosage has a sedative effect.

Cycle Your Dosages

Experienced Kratom users will also suggest that you take the drug on a cycle which means using it in an on and off basis. That is to avoid getting used to the effects of the drug and still make it pleasurable to use. By cycling your dosages, you can make sure that you remain sensitive to the side effects that the drug can bring.

Proven Best Time to Consume

It is also known that Kratom is best used on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. The drug will take effect in good 30-40 minutes after digestion. If ever you used the Kratom Extract with much food in the stomach, the effect will be around 60-90 minutes. Users also recommend not using Kratom two days in a row and more than twice a week.

More Ways You Can Try

Kratom can be mixed with orange juice for added sweetness and flavour that can combat the bitter taste of the product. Others create a smoothie while some are al right with a pure tea. Kratom Extracts can also mix with food like pudding, baked cookies, and others.

Overall, there are better techniques that Kratom Extracts can be used. The pros who have proven and enjoyed the benefits of Kratom can easily share to you their ways. As long as you are taking the drug responsibly then there will be no problem.


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