Kratom 101: What Is the Right Way To Grow Kratom?

Cultivating or having to grow kratom outside its natural habitat found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia will typically exact many challenges that an ordinary home grower living either in the United States or the United Kingdom has to surmount.

Planting Kratom Seeds

Kratom can be grown in the humid and wild forests of Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam or other Southeast Asia by just scattering the seeds on the ground. From there, nature takes its natural course and after some time you will now have a growing kratom plant. Here, however, is not the case if you would like to grow you are very own kratom plant.

The primary thing you have to consider in the freshness of the seedling. Kratom seeds can easily be germinated when they are planted after a couple of days from being taken from the tree. That is one of the heaviest obstacles faced when ordering kratom seeds because the seeds after leaving the tree now dry up. When this happens, the seeds, of course, will no longer develop. Hence, sprouts cannot be expected.MIT01_06

While planting kratom seeds may sound next to impossible, you can try the following process:

  • Try to obtain fresh kratom seeds with your prefer strains of choice. Get around a hundred pieces since you are not sure how many will survive. So it’s better to get many fresh kratom seeds when you get the opportunity.
  • Put the seeds into a well-lit, well-fertilized and moist soil or cultivating area, Make sure that the ground or area of your choice will not be too wet or too dry. It must have a good drainage to prevent flooding and fungus growth.
  • Since kratom came from a tropical climate, you should try to provide the same environment that has adequate shade and enough sunlight, although direct sunlight must be minimized to prevent dryness and for it to grow successfully.
  • A soft, gentle breeze must be able to reach your kratom plant. If a natural wind is not possible then use an electric fan, which is set to the minimum level on one to provide a gentle breeze.
  • Regularly add plant food and fertilizer. That must be religiously done on the first growth stages of your kratom plant.
  • Kratom seed sprouts do not grow immediately like any other plant, and it may take some time before leaves are seen in your seed sprouts. It could take at least a year before you can harvest leaves for consumption you need to be patient.

Planting kratom seeds or plants indoors or housed within a greenhouse can be done. The only thing that you have to consider is that kratom trees grow to a maximum height of fifty feet or more, hence this option for growing kratom may not be possible for some with limited space.

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