Kratom Addiction Facts You Need to Know

July 14, 2015 Articles, Kratom Effects

Kratom Addiction Facts You Need to Know

Kratom is a unique medicinal plant widely compared to coffee. It energizes recharges and stimulates one’s body. Kratom continually set its name as one of the most searched drug online with its long-time users and sellers spreading the benefits that Kratom can give. However,

Reports claim that Kratom, is a deadly drug and that it is stronger than heroin. It has active alkaloid that brings unique euphoric properties to the one who use it.  The shocking truth is Kratom, whose scientific name is Mitragynine Speciosa, has a low potential for abuse. It only becomes very addicting when mixed with a chemical such as o-desmethyl Tra. Since Kratom is currently unregulated, it is very hard for users to know what chemicals are being mixed with the drug.

Below are the signs and symptoms that a Kratom addict typically possesses:

Overdependency to Kratom

The person experiencing addiction will use Kratom on a daily basis and even multiple times a day. There is an over-dependency to the drug and the feeling of cravings and obsessive thoughts about Kratom. You feel depressed on failure to use Kratom and will constantly be thinking about when to take next, where to buy and more. Kratom addiction can also make a person in a state of denial of their addiction problem, always hiding the evidence of their use.kratom-addiction-withdrawal

Having Withdrawal Symptoms to Kratom

Choosing to break the habit of using Kratom can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Unlike other well-known drugs like real opiates, Kratom has milder withdrawal symptoms. There are factors affecting how severe the withdrawal symptoms will be.

First is the duration of use. The longer you take Kratom, the more severe the symptoms will be. Second is the type of Kratom you consume. Highly concentrated Kratom type such as Kratom Extracts can result to worse withdrawal experience. Last, is how well you are in terms of managing the side effects of Kratom. There are those who could quit Kratom easily while others will have a hard time.

Tolerance to Kratom

Using a higher dose of Kratom on a daily basis can lead to tolerance to the drug. Once you develop tolerance to Kratom, you will get used to the effect of the product in your body. That is the reason consuming it on a daily basis is not a problem any more and can be associated with addiction.

Becoming a Responsible Kratom User

Kratom is known for its medicinal benefits. It is widely used because it is an effective pain killer, and it is an excellent source of added energy. Irresponsible use of the product is the leading cause of why Kratom addiction exists. Users must develop a sense of responsibility in dealing with Kratom. Buy only from trusted sellers, and consume based on how it should be consumed.

As long as you are not overusing Kratom, then you will surely enjoy the benefits that it could give to your body. At the end of the day, Kratom is meant for medicinal use, unlike alcohol or other illegal drugs that can have worst long-term effect.

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