Kratom and Its Good and Bad Effects

There are more and more people trying kratom after hearing success stories from their friends and reading stories online of its sound effects. Before you jump into the craze, it may be wiser to learn about what to expect from it. There are good and bad effects (side effects) of the drug you have to know. Check out this post and learn what you will get from this botanical.

Good Effects of Kratom

  • Stimulatory: At a small dose, kratom can help you feel stimulated and more alert. You can have a cup of kratom tea and feel the same effects that you would with coffee or tea. You will feel an increase in heart rate and a bit of restlessness. It will be as if your mind is clear, as reported by plenty of users. You will also have a deeper focus and a sense of vitality that you might need for performing your duties and tasks, especially if you are into multitasking.
  • The mind boosting: According to plenty of stories, users experience a mind-boost that they feel that their mood is in an uplifted state. You will also be able to feel a deeper sense of contentment in your life, so kratom is usually consumed by people who are feeling depressed and stressed. Kratom can help you block out the negative emotions and thoughts, and it can make you feel good and more optimistic about the life you have and the world you live.Positive Kratom EffectsFor others though, they feel that they generate euphoric feelings at a higher dose, which are likely due to the interaction of the mitragynine alkaloid that is said to possess anti-depressant qualities. If you see to boost your mood and feel happier, you may want to consider kratom, but make sure to buy it only from reputable sources online that sell potent and pure kratom extracts.
  • Concentration: Another pleasant effect people experience with kratom is that it helps them focus on whatever they are doing better. The known strains for this purpose are the green and white strains. For some students who are taking it, they say that they feel more attentive while they are listening to their lectures and that they can focus more on their studies with kratom.
  • Analgesic: One of the most significant yet also debated benefits of kratom is its pain-relieving properties, which according to users can help them get rid of pain from chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia and arthritis. There are also some using it for muscle pain after a sports practice and workout.

Bad Effects of Kratom

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach discomfortkratom-overdose1

There you have the good and bad effects of this herb to expect from using it. Before doing so, you should ask your doctor about it for proper assessment of your overall physical condition for your safety. Finally, avoid the side effects by using a low dose and staying within your tolerable dose.

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