Are Kratom Side Effects Serious?

July 15, 2015 Articles, Kratom Effects

Are Kratom Side Effects Serious?

You might be interested to learn about the side effects of kratom, so you have bumped into this post. Kratom, in general, is an all-natural herb used for thousands of years in many Asian countries in Thailand. For many people, kratom is one of the best traditional medicines for pain, depression and lack of energy.

What Is Kratom for Many?

For many of them, kratom is one of the saviours they depend on for keeping up with their day due to the mental and physical stimulation. It provides them with, and these people are mainly from the labour force traditionally. They use kratom to fend off hunger and to overcome the burden of hard work, but such purposes also lead to kratom abuse, which followed for overdosing and developing the tolerance for long-term use.

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

Not all users feel or talk about the side effects of kratom, especially if they have developed tolerance to the drug. However, newbie and inexperienced users and sometimes even veterans can still experience the nasty side effects of the herb. At low doses of two to five grams of the leaves, side effects are not known for many users, but the different case to those who use kratom at high amounts of over 10 grams. In general, side effects include constipation, headache, wobbles and nausea.3651112-3651112-anxiety

While kratom is an excellent medication for pain and other health maladies, some users still experience side effects, usually at higher doses. Do not increase the dose beyond the ideal amount if you want to avoid nausea for instance. Although nausea does not affect most consumers, some people have a low tolerance to the drug, even at eight grams. Many of them would suffer from nausea that is then followed by vomiting, either unintentionally or intentionally.

Another infamous side effect is wobbling, the condition where a user experience difficulty in focusing their eyes without the twitching. Some users find it hard to focus their frame of reference and to look at a new location, a condition also accompanied by brain fogginess for some. To avoid it, you should not use kratom at high amounts, especially if it is your first time. Although a side effect, it does not bring any inherent effect. And because ‘wobbles’ are a side effect of kratom, users are recommended not to use or operate vehicles and machinery to avoid accidents.

Part of kratom side effects is the headache after taking high doses of kratom, including the Maeng Da variety. If you experience trouble after kratom use, you can take an over-the-counter medication and reducing your dose.

In general, kratom side effects are avoidable if you consume it responsibly and they do not cause long-term effects, too. Start at a small dose if it’s your first time to see how your system reacts to it. Finally, do not overdose to keep yourself on the side of caution.

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