Learning About the Dangers of Using Kratom

July 16, 2015 Articles

Learning About the Dangers of Using Kratom

Kratom is the product of the Mitragyna Speaciosa area that can be widely found in South East Asia. A medicinal plant that can kill pain, stimulate the immune system and treat stress, depression, and other conditions including drug addiction. It came from the family of the coffee tree and were directly chewed or made into tea as a joint way of consumption. Over time, Kratom is found to possess natural active alkaloids that give euphoric and sedative properties. It is mixed with other chemicals and branded it a new way to get high. A stronger for of heroin that can cause bring about dangers or risks and be addictive if not taken correctly.

Kratom Addiction

Research shows that Kratom has small addiction possibility. It is only when the leaves or the extracts are mixed with unidentified substances that it can be destructive to the human body. Thus, addiction to Kratom is rare to happen and most people who are dependent on Kratom have other forms of vices like alcohol, illegal or legal drugs to dependent upon. The overdose with such substances could be fatal.

It is worth to remember that becoming addicted to Kratom rely most on how much do you use, how often do you use and what your body’s tolerance is upon use. Small doses of Kratom can be beneficial to the user as it increases the alertness and promotes added energy levels.

Once you are taking a higher dose of Kratom then you start to feel its dangers or side effects such as sudden weight loss, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, increased urination, nausea and others. Overdose, on the other hand, will lead to lethargy, delusions, paranoia and aggressive behaviour that can be severe that can be serious in some individuals.bigstock-Depressed-young-man-sitting-on-62516594-300x200

The Dangers of Kratom Addiction

Kratom is addictive. Regular use of the drug can lead the user to take more and more of it almost to the point where he can’t stop himself. Withdrawal to Kratom can cause a user to develop tolerance to its effect, irritable personality, little energy anxiety.

Kratom addict will often see people and things that don’t exist and try to make excuses and reasons for their addiction. Their mind will be overly attached to Kratom that it is hard for them to live a real life. Just like other drugs that are not taken correctly, a person’s body can have a fatal reaction to Kratom use.

Overall, the main problem why Kratom is seen to be a drug that comes with dangers is the unregulated packages that are widely available on the internet. Curious buyers will often that not forget to research on the drug and know what Kratom is how it is used and effects it could give? The addition of synthetic chemicals brings real long-term dangers to the use of Kratom.

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