Who Should Not Use Kratom?

July 16, 2015 Articles

Who Should Not Use Kratom?

The mitragyna speciosa tree is found in Southeast Asia and has been in abundance for year in the humid forests of Thailand. For centuries, its sedative and energizing effects have been known to the natives, who need to work long and hard in order to earn more money to sustain their daily needs. Although kratom has been banned in Thailand, it is considered legal in some countries like the United States, where it can be bought without any legal restrictions and be subject to use.

Doses of Kratom

Kratom’s effects can usually be felt when three to five grams of its powdered leaves has been taken orally. Those who tried kratom for the first time claim that they already feel its effects after consuming about two grams compared to season users who need to take ten grams to experience an effective result.Green-House-Kratom-Green-Bali-Dose

Low-quality kratom can be ingested to as high as twenty grams; however, it loses its effectiveness in a short period. Kratom comes from different strains with various strengths, so it is recommended that it be primarily taken at low dosages before trying larger amounts than prescribed. The logic behind this is to prevent nausea and other side effects.

How Kratom Is Consumed

Ordinarily kratom is ingested by chewing the leaves to get the juice. In countries outside Southeast Asia, I the dried grounded, or chopped leaves are boiled then strained and drank tea. To preserve kratom for a longer time, extracts form the boiled leaves are kept for later consumption. While kratom extracts do not take effect immediately compared to its other forms, the results are longer lasting.

Health Issues About Kratom

In general, kratom does not cause any negative impact on health except if it is taken in extremely large quantities every day. But no accounts or records show that people who use Kratom occasionally have had negative health issues in their use of kratom. Drugs or any herbal medicine taken in large doses beyond what is recommended or prescribed will naturally result in addiction, and this also is true with kratom.

All medicines including kratom must be taken in moderation because not everybody reacts similarly to any substance that is introduced to the body. Anything taken in abnormal quantities forces the human body to reject it from its systems. So the answer to any negative effect of kratom to health is by taking it in modest amounts.

Who Should Use Kratom?

Pregnant women and people who are engaged in physically hazardous work should not use Kratom. Pregnant women should not take any medicine unless prescribed by the doctor. Likewise, individuals who have hazardous jobs like handling machineries or driving must avoid kratom because of its sedative effects.

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