Using Kratom to Fight Depression

Kratom has only gained popularity in America for the past few years, but the plant has been part of traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for millennia. Today, the medicinal herb is used as painkiller, stimulant and mood enhancer. Kratom comes in different types and forms. Its relaxing and euphoric effect makes it useful in treating depression and anxiety.

Signs of Depression

Around 350 million people across the globe are affected by depression. This common disorder is characterized by the following symptoms:signs of depression

  • sadness
  • loss of interest
  • loss of appetite
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • sleep troubles

According to the World Health Organization, less than 50% of people suffering from depression worldwide are getting effective treatment for their condition. That is due to lack of health care providers and resources. Also, many people who are depressed do not get proper diagnosis and assessment of their illness.

Recently, frequent abuse of prescription painkillers and anti-depressants has been a major problem in many countries. At least 1 in 10 Americans, including teenagers and adults, are taking anti-depressants.

Kratom, the Natural Anti-Depressant

Kratom has many forms and type. It can mean taken as a powder, leaf or liquid extract. It can also act classified as a red vein, green vein, and white vein type. There is a wide variety of effects that kratom can bring, the following are the effects of kratom that can ease depression:

  • Mood Enhancing – Kratom contains active alkaloids that create the euphoric effect. With this, feelings of sadness and worry are eased. This mood enhancing effect can be very beneficial to lighten up the sadness felt by depressed people.
  • Stimulating – Just like coffee, which came from the same family as kratom, the plant can also boost the energy. That rids of any dark, down feeling suffered by any depressed person.
  • Increasing Concentration – Kratom does also known for increasing focus and concentration. Depressed people often lose motivation and interest, which may be relieved by taking kratom.

Choosing the Right Type of Kratom

Kratom can be classified in many ways. Vein type and strain are the most common classifications. The following are the best vein types to use depending on the conditions:

  • Red Vein – For depressed people suffering from too much anxiety and having serious sleep troubles, the red vein works best. It remains well known for its calming effect.
  • Green Vein – Green vein kratom can be both stimulating and relaxing. It also helps in increasing mental focus and concentration.
  • White Vein – Some people may suffer from a lack of enthusiasm and energy. White vein kratom is highly stimulating and has the strongest effect in boosting energy. It may be the best choice as an antidepressant.

The best kratom strains to fight depression are Thai, Maeng Da and Green Malaysian strains.

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