Popular Kratom Strains and Their Unique Characteristics

July 25, 2015 Articles, Kratom Strains

Popular Kratom Strains and Their Unique Characteristics

The key to getting the full experience of kratom is finding out the right strain for the desired effects. Kratom strains have different effects and unique characteristics. This may be due to the varying conditions in the environment where the plant has grown. The difference in growth leads to different levels of alkaloid content, which is why kratom strains can be a painkiller, energy booster, stimulant or an effective combination of those things.

Bali Kratom, the Painkilling Strain

Each kratom strain may have more than one significant effect on people. The Bali strain may have the following effects when takenbali-kratom:

  • Pain Relieving
  • Relaxing
  • Sedating
  • Mood boosting

The Bali plant grows very quickly compared to other strains. Also, the leaves become darker than the usual colour of kratom plant. One well-known side effect of the Bali kratom is the impact called “Wobbles,” a condition where the person has difficulty in focusing the eyes.

Thai Kratom, the Powerful Strain

According to experienced users, the Thai strain works best for people who want be more energetic and productive at work. The Thai kratom is useful in the following:

  • boosting energy
  • stimulating
  • increasing concentration
  • relieving painthai-kratom

The energizing and stimulating effects of this strain are its most well-known characteristics. Some users claim to have replaced coffee with kratom tea because of its useful stimulating effects. While Thai is already a specific strain under kratom, it also has different classifications. These are the different types of Thai kratom classified according to vein type:

  • Red Vein Thai – which is the most popular, widely used for its painkilling effect
  • White Vein Thai – which has almost the exact opposite effects of red vein Thai, used for boosting energy
  • Green Vein Thai – which is a combination of painkilling and energy boosting effects of the two other vein types

Indo Kratom, the Popular Strain

There is an abundant growth of kratom plants in Indonesia. According to many users, Indo strain may be better than other strains because it originated in Indonesia, which is one of the best environments where kratom can grow best. The Indo kratom strain can last used for the following:

  • relieving pain
  • relaxing the mind and body
  • sedating
  • lifting the moodIndo_Kratom

As an analgesic, the Indo kratom strains are known to last unusually longer than other strains. It is also very useful for relieving anxiety and boosting the mood because of high levels of the 7-hydroxymitragyine present in the plant. There are also different types of Indo strain depending on the region where the plant grows. The different Indo kratom strains are:

  • Super Indo – which is known to be the most commonly used strain because of its potency.
  • Red Vein Indo – which is pain relieving and sedating like the red vein Thai. It is also known to be lightly energizing.
  • White Vein Indo – which is has the most energizing and mind enhancing effects, just like any other white vein type.

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