Rehab Treatment Options for Kratom Addict Patients

July 25, 2015 Articles, Kratom Effects, Kratom Research

Rehab Treatment Options for Kratom Addict Patients

Kratom rehab centre numbers are on the rise; this is large because it is apparently becoming increasingly apparent that the negative effects this herbal intoxicant may have on its user’s body and mind is becoming alarming. That is widely seen and accepted as a naturally occurring and legal alternative to prescriptions that are synthetic and such illegal drugs like pot, and Kratom use its positive effects compensate dangers.

Dosage Factor

In small and controlled doses, Kratom leads to a sense of ecstasy or euphoria, and this includes the overall feeling of increased sexual and physical energy. On the other hand, larger doses result in the relaxation that sometimes will go as far as experiencing dream states, hallucinations, tremors, delusions, respiratory depression and also vomiting. It is more dangerous when it used in combination with drugs like opiates where in many cases affect a Kratom user’s life that would eventually lead to staggering rehabilitation efforts.

Kratom Residential Treatment Centres

To date, the most preferred option in treating many patients is an admission in residential treatment centres. That gives patients the chance and ability to shield and shut out themselves from the outside world. That significantly increases their ability to focus all their efforts on getting well truly. Residential rehabilitation centres to require Kratom related patients to live stay full time in the facility. The program’s duration will vary with the patient’s need and condition.

Treatment Process

Once admitted in such residential treatment centres, patients will be under supervision 24/7 undergoing assessment, detoxification and needed therapy until the patient is ready to move discharged. This high level of support is considered to be very impaction, but also very costly. Outpatient care is, of course, a more financially manageable alternative and can still provide needed counselling and support. That is the choice for patients who wish to stay and continue schooling, employment or taking care of their family. That is also perfect for less severe or short-term cases, and for those that have long-standing or heavy addictions that need inpatient treatment but doesn’t want to admit themselves.

Causes of Kratom Dependency

Many things can cause kratom addiction, but most often than not, addiction is caused because of its reputation for usage in combination with other drugs that are even more dangerous. That makes removing the Kratom addiction incredibly difficult, merely because Kratom users consider it the lesser evil choice. Some other drug addicts were reported to try failed attempts at using Kratom a way to convince themselves away from using oxycodone or heroin. Thus leaving them extremely dependent on Kratom by trading off other forms of substance abuse.

Treatment Commitment

Deciding to admit in any inpatient rehabilitation program is the first step in committing to ridding your system from all harmful drugs in a safe and controlled manner. That will ultimately free you from Kratom dependencies without the outside distractions and temptations leading to recovery.

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