Understanding the Process of the Propagation of Kratom Plants

July 25, 2015 Articles, Kratom Research

Understanding the Process of the Propagation of Kratom Plants

The kratom plant is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and several other countries in Southeast Asia. Its leaves may provide a lot of health and wellness benefits with about 40 alkaloids contained within those leaves. Kratom leaves can be chewed raw, crushed into powder, turned into liquid extract or brewed into tea.

Kratom as a Plant

Kratom, also called Mitragynine speciosa, is under the Rubiaceae family. This classification includes many useful plants that have unique characteristics. The following are some of those plants:

  • The Coffee tree – which remains widely used as stimulant and energy booster.
  • The Yohimbe shrub – which does utilization in some countries as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, a condition where any man cannot maintain an erection
  • The Chinchona genus – which can be a source of quinine, an alkaloid that is known to have antimalarial activity

The kratom tree is native to the Southeast Asian region, abundant in countries Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. It usually grows to about 3 to 15 meters high and 4 meters wide. There exist also reported cases of taller kratom trees in particular locations.Kratom a plant

Kratom is an evergreen tree, which stays for green the whole year. Its leaves, when shed, are always replaced with new ones in no time. The smooth leaves are dark and glossy which grows to about 18cm long and 10cmw wide. Kratom trees are typically found in rainforests, where there is wet, soil, and moderate sun exposure.

Growing Kratom at Home

While kratom tree originated in Southeast Asia, it is now being cultivated in many parts of the United States. Mostly, parts of kratom are sold online the people grow it at home. Here are the different ways of building kratom:

  • Seeds – Seeds are widely available online. According to people who have tried, it is almost impossible. It is known to be very difficult to grow a plant out of kratom seeds especially if the individual is not knowledgeable about the right kind of soil to use. When the plant has successfully grown out of a seed, that kind of plant is known to be feeble and targeted by fungi and pests.
  • Cuttings – Growing kratom with cuttings seems more practical. Moreover, when kratom has already raised about six inches, several cuttings can be planted from the factory. These cuttings can be planted in each soil to grow more plants. According to experts, the most important things to remember in building kratom are a temperature control and pest control.
  • Rooted Plants – That is known to be the most convenient and easiest way to grow kratom. Plants can continue ordered online and delivered safely. When the plant arrives, it needs to be unpackaged, planted in soil and watered frequently. Rooted plants are most likely to survive in moist and warm environments. As the plant begins to mature, leaves can already be used in different ways.

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