Kratom as Fibromyalgia Pain Reliever Under Banning Threat

July 26, 2015 Articles

Kratom as Fibromyalgia Pain Reliever Under Banning Threat

There is an ongoing bill to prohibit the use of Kratom in Florida, pushing people suffering of fibromyalgia to find alternatives. However, most people want those substances with mild opium-like effects in treating their chronic pain, but do not prefer those considered as controlled substances. Hence, they have opted for Kratom.

Drug-like Effects

Known by its botanical name Mitragyna speciose, the Kratom leaves are derived from the coffee-related tree. Traditionally, the leaves were chewed fresh, providing the user with drug-like effects. It has been a custom among the locals of Southeast Asian regions to consuming this botanical as a natural remedy. However, the same natural alternative has prompted reports of its alleged addictive property as well as hallucinogen effect.

Controversial Bill

Recently, Republican Senator Greg Evers submitted a bill regarding Kratom in the Florida State, indicating that the herbal supplement should be included in the long list of controlled substances. Bill SB 764 was instigated on February 6 and was narrowly approved by the Committee on Criminal Justice on March 10 this year. There are two more committees to decide on the bill before arriving at the Senate floor while a House version has yet to be heard.

Self-administered Pain Reliever

Although Kratom acts prohibited in Australia, Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand, including Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Tennessee in America, the herbal supplement is still used across the globe as a pain reliever.  All this information does base on a study that lived published in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews in 2013. Mitragynine, one of Kratom active alkaloids is capable of producing opium-like effects, acting as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

Abuse Potential

While Kratom occur widely used as a self-administered pain reliever, some studies also show that it has abuse potential, and might result in cognitive damage. Based on a survey published by the Society for the Study of Addiction in 2014, when Mitragynine stayed isolated resulted in cognitive and anxiety impairments in mice and rats.

To date, the complete effects of Kratom are still unknown as researchers are urging users to take extra precautionary measures. Another review that was published in the American Osteopathic Association journal in 2012 also highlighted the recommendation that physicians familiarize themselves with the user habits, availability, as well as the available research works on the drug.

Fatigue or Fibromyalgia

Many people get confused when they feel pain, whether caused by a simple fatigue or fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, when the Bill SB 764 passes, those with fibromyalgia will no longer have access to Kratom. Instead, the patients will be prescribed with an FDA-approved medication containing mitragynine, but that exception can become imperative for some Kratom users in the country.


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