Kratom Used for Drug Addiction Treatment

Today, Kratom is not only used widely as a pain reliever but also considered by many people as a treatment for drug addiction. In fact, there are ongoing beliefs that Kratom is also capable of treating detox symptoms.

Traditional Use

Traditionally, Kratom was used as a folk medicine for centuries, specifically in Asia. Known by its botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom leaves were chewed fresh by laborers to endure painful and laborious activities. Today, however, this all-natural medicinal plant is being explored around the world through different drug treatment programs. With the use of Kratom, many people believe that drug addicts will soon live a drug-free life, considering its minimal side effects and treating addiction to stronger pharmaceutical medications simultaneously.

Detox Programs with Kratom

Many people certainly fall victims to patterns of drug abuse and addiction due to many different reasons. While some decide on improving their quality of life, others thrive on finding the best and most efficient way to overcome their conditions. Many people get addicted to heroin, opium, and other illegal narcotics as they consider the use of Kratom as the easiest way to improve.detox-program-kratom

Without a doubt, there are several options geared towards addiction types. But most programs offer limited opportunities to average addict people who are suffering from addiction and usually result in withdrawal symptoms, including addiction to another pharmaceutical drug. Nowadays, detox programs make use of Kratom as the primary treatment method, considering the plant’s healing properties ranging from simple migraines to drug addiction.

Healthy and Natural Way

Using Kratom during addiction treatment is considered by many as the healthy, natural, and safer way. It is large because Kratom does not involve terrible withdrawal symptoms and side effects, but dramatically relieves such symptoms from other drugs. Kratom Therapy is believed to ease the addiction gently, painlessly, and efficiently. Now, it is also known to be a powerful and efficient alternative to relapse.

How Kratom Works

Kratom works as a treatment for drug addiction, mainly through the active alkaloids found in the plant. These powerful compounds go right to work on healing and easing the cell receptors, which have remained damaged because of the opiate abuse. When the Kratom alkaloids enter the body, they tend to act as opioid agonists in the cells for a temporary period. The alkaloids seem to plug up the holes left by opiates.


In a nutshell, Kratom used during drug detox is believed to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms, even if the body is busy detoxing. The patient tends to feel calm, soothing the mind and body while promoting conditions where the addict may start to address his addiction and to revise his relationship to drugs gently. With proper support, commitment, and period, the drug addiction will end eventually.

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