Kratom Abuse, Addiction, and Ways to Prevent Habit Formation

July 27, 2015 Articles

Kratom Abuse, Addiction, and Ways to Prevent Habit Formation

It is important for Kratom users to learn about the difference between abuse and addiction. Primarily, Kratom abuse is something that goes beyond the recommended usage of the drug while addiction is the product of the drug abuse.

Main Health Benefits

Both traditionally and this modern time, Kratom does consider and used by many people due to its health benefits. It is known to treat diarrhea. The drug is also used in moderation in order to maximize its stimulating or euphoric effects while others prefer its sedative properties. Hence, the potential impacts are dose-dependent.

Kratom Addiction

Before the user gets to Kratom addiction, he would go through the abuse of Kratom first. There are user reports, indicating the real possibility of Kratom addiction with withdrawal symptoms throughout the misuse of the drug, but are usually mild. Becoming addicted to Kratom is not that difficult, according to Kratom enthusiasts, most especially to those with addictive personalities.symptoms-addictive-kratom-abuse

Common Symptoms of Kratom Addiction

Kratom addiction may vary from one person to another, including the signs and symptoms. However, there are general and universal signs, including increased tolerance. That builds up quickly while the dose necessary to obtain similar effects also increases quickly. The addict may also suffer from long-term constipation, hence, a sign of drug-dependence. Kratom addiction also manifests in the user who would use the drug on a daily basis and mostly multiple times per day. Obsessive thoughts and cravings may also be a symptom of Kratom addiction as the mind would be thinking of Kratom consistently.

Using Kratom Without Addiction or Forming A Habit

Of course, the health professional would recommend never using Kratom in the first place so as to avoid addiction to the drug absolutely. However, Kratom users would surely oppose such perspective as they have been consuming Kratom for a long time in treating various health conditions. Long-time users and Kratom enthusiasts also beg to differ on such a point of view as they have been maximizing the health benefits of the medicinal plant and drift away from stronger drugs and prescription medications.

Over and above, it is very crucial for Kratom users to consume the herbal remedy in the safest and most proper way possible. It should be taken as an occasional treatment, and never on a daily basis. There are also recommendations not to consume Kratom more than twice a week, especially on consecutive nights. The proper and safe consumption of Kratom will always make the user feel good without forming a habit or addiction.


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