Enjoying Kratom Tea and Its Benefits

July 30, 2015 Articles

Enjoying Kratom Tea and Its Benefits

One of the common popular ways of using kratom is by brewing it into tea. Originating in Southeast Asia, the kratom plant is now being used for various reasons all over the world. More and more tea recipes have developed which may have a broad range of effects on people.

Benefits of Drinking Kratom Tea

In line with raw leaf, powder and liquid extracts, kratom tea also has its benefits. Kratom leaves are known for the beneficial alkaloids embedded on it. Alkaloids are released faster after heating with water. By drinking the tea, the alkaloids will reach the bloodstream faster and have a more rapid onset of effects. Unlike in other plants, the primary alkaloids in kratom would not do damaged even when exposed to very high temperatures.drinking-kratom-tea

At lower doses, kratom tea can be stimulating and a bit energizing. It can replace energizing beverages that have too much caffeine. At higher doses, the tea can be relaxing and sedating. Drinking kratom tea can ease up too much worry and anxiety. It can improve mental focus and help in concentrating the mind.

Brewing andĀ FlavouringĀ Tea

Brewing kratom tea allows room for testing dosages, density and flavouring. Usually, only a few materials are needed for making kratom tea. For simple brewing, only the things listed below are necessary:

  • water
  • clean filter
  • kratom powder
  • equipment for boiling (like kettles and stoves or electric kettle)

The following recipe includes the necessary steps in brewing pure kratom tea. This powder allows adjustment of dosage and concentration and enhancement of flavour.

  1. Boil a cup of water.
  2. Directly add preferred amount of kratom powder.
  3. Lower or turn off the heat.
  4. Let the tea simmer for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Pour the tea over a cup while using a filter.
  6. Dispose of the filtrate powder or save it for future use.
  7. If preferred, add some flavour with lemon or honey.

Compared to any other additional flavour, adding lemon or any citric acid is highly recommended. That would help the water grip more alkaloids. With this, alkaloids will enter the bloodstream faster.

Creating tea bags are also popular. With kratom powder and empty tea bags, kratom tea can be made without hassle just by adding hot water. Also, drinking kratom tea is known to have faster but gentler effects and fewer side effects than any other form of kratom.

Choosing the Right Strain for Brewing Tea

The right strain depends on what the person is looking as. For a completely stimulating and energizing effect, the White Borneo works best. White vein kratom does know for boosting energy and creating a positive mood. For a relaxing and calming effect, the Red Thai is the best recommendation. It can be soothing and sedating, helpful in relieving pain, anxiety and any sleeping difficulty.

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