Top 5 Positive Effects of Kratom

August 03, 2015 Articles, Kratom Effects

Top 5 Positive Effects of Kratom

Since the Kratom drug is just new in the United States, there are equally new users as they hear about the successful experiences of initial users. Hence, they give it a try and expect the same effects that other consumers of this plant have reached. Contrary to much hearsay, consumers of Kratom testify about the plant’s positive effects, although the results vary largely on the dosage and the bodily system of each.

Stimulatory Effects

According to Kratom users, the plant has stimulatory effects of kratom. When taken in a small amount or dosage, it could act as an energizing agent, such as consuming it with coffee or decaffeinated tea. However, they say that the energy produced is not entirely correlated with an increased heart rate of restlessness. Reports from consumers also indicate cerebral energy, showing that their minds tend to become clearer while experiencing deeper concentration with a balanced feeling of vitality.

Mood-booster Effects

Data from consumers also indicate that the plant tends to uplift their moods as well as the cognitive state. There is a sense or a feeling of well-being and deep contentment at the same time. A minimal dose per day can block out the negative thoughts, allowing the user to be more optimistic. With large doses, on the other hand, the user can generate a euphoric feeling as Kratom contains the mitragynine alkaloid, known to exhibit antidepressant properties.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Furthermore, favored effects of kratom include the improved quality of sleep among the users. It tends to put the person in a restful state before and during sleep. Kratom consumers also say that they experience more positive dreams, and when they wake up, they felt more revitalized and refreshed at the same time.

Concentration Enhancer

According to consumer reviews, the green and white strains of Kratom are the most efficient enhancer for concentration, boosting and intensifying one’s focus while counteracting brain fog simultaneously. Users testify that they become more attentive during conversations and other activities. Other reviews also associate this effect among those with ADHD or ADD symptoms, making way for clearer thoughts and deeper concentration throughout difficult mental works.

Sexual Drive Enhancer

Last, but certainly not the least, Kratom consumers have also manifested an enhanced sexual drive every time they use Kratom in any form. The Kratom extract acts as an aphrodisiac, hence, increasing the sexual drive and desire of the user. It means considered as an ethnobotanical that is capable of heightening the arousal, sensation while enabling the user to last longer during a sexual act. Many consumers believe that this effect works both in men and women. A minimal amount of at least 1 gram of Kratom powder could boost the libido as much as 12 hours.

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