Kratom as Legal, Natural Remedy

Kratom is the latest plant to delight consumers in the market while worrying the law enforcement officials simultaneously. This plant is making its way to festivals, bars, parties, and different places and occasions where aficionados wanted to get high. Traditionally, Kratom leaves are chewed fresh while dried leaves are crushed up and turned into powder for variety of consumption such as mixed with fruit juices. However, Kratom in the United States, for instance, is legal and considered by many consumers as the best natural remedy to date.

Traditional Medicine

In 1983, Pieter Willem Korthals, a Dutch botanist initially described Kratom as a traditional medicine. Its history can be traced way back centuries ago in Thailand when the folks there used to chew Kratom leaves after a hard day’s work, believing it would ease the pain. Korthals added that Kratom has the capability of reducing pain, while acting as an anti-diarrhoeal at the same time. It held likewise explained that this plant is capable of reducing opiate dependence. From its country of origin, local people also believe that Kratom is powerful in increasing the sexual drive or desire, extending the duration of the sexual act all at the same time.

Mitragynine Alkaloid

Kratom leaves contain several alkaloids, amongst of which is the mitragynine, known to be the most active and responsible for its pleasant effects. Hence, it is used as a substitute for opiate, although it does not contain any opiate. Mitragynine tends to bind to the mu-opioid receptor in the brain, the same as what morphine and enkephalins do. Moreover, mitragynine binds to a so-called “kappa-opioid receptor” in the brain, which means associated with sedation and pain relief. The alkaloid also binds to serotonin receptors that tend to produce anti-depressant effect, while Mitragynine occurs considered as adrenaline that creates stimulating effects. These multiple activities in the brain are believed to be taken care of by Kratom, with its Mitragynine alkaloid composition that generates an overall pleasing sensation.Mitragynine Alkaloid

Legality Issues

To date, Kratom is legal in the United States, except for one state – Indiana. Its legality and availability in different places also trigger the uproar among law enforcers throughout the country. Kratom has enjoyed a very long history of its safe use, preventing those in the police departments to ban the plant instantly. Many consumers of this plant also consider Kratom as the most natural remedy for several health issues. Drug officials in the U.S. think Kratom as a “drug of concern” while it's the legality of use stays preserved.

Natural Remedy

Kratom users testify that this plant is capable of producing pleasant sensations, lasting longer than a cup of coffee. They manifest a sense of well-being, alertness, and moderate euphoria. In a nutshell, this new drug from the Southeast Asia is embraced by many people, regarding Kratom as legal and natural remedy in treating certain health issues.

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