Kratom as Miraculous Healing Leaf

August 08, 2015 Articles

Kratom as Miraculous Healing Leaf

In the 19th century, Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals had already mentioned Kratom, describing the plant’s flowers as similar to the Bishop’s Mitre. He then named the Thailand-grown tree as Mitragyna. Historically, the natives of Thailand used the Kratom tree and its by-product as a remedy and treatment for various ailments.

Kratom Leaves

Historically, the labourers and farmers in Thailand used to chew fresh Kratom leaves with the belief that the herbal variety would supply them with adequate energy throughout laborious works. The leaves were considered to be a natural energizer in the morning before going to work, similar to what coffee does for people today.Kratom Leaves

Medicinal Plant

In the years since, Kratom has been regarded as a medicinal plant by the local people in many Southeast Asian regions. Kratom trees do not only grow in Thailand, but also in Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia.

Today, it is grown and possessed by many people without any fear of punishment because only a few countries prohibit its use. Rather than considering Kratom leaves as deadly or poisonous, the Kratom community nowadays is praising the supposed health benefits of what they consider as a medicinal plant.

Dangerous or Safe

Varieties of Kratom products are sold at online stores, alternative medicine shops and smoke shops across the world. While Kratom consumers constantly fear that their favorite and trusted herb may be eventually outlawed by lawmakers, they still believe that it is entirely safe. However, it is believed that it is only safe when used in moderation.

Politicians and law enforcers, on the other hand, rely on false information and propaganda about the danger brought about by Kratom. Consequently, the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) plant has not been approved for medicinal use in the United States and the FDA has issued a warning about the dangers of kratom consumption.

It is their belief that there is insufficient scientific evidence to suggest that kratom can be safe or useful in treating medical conditions.

Kratom as Miraculous Healing Leaf

Today, many people across the globe consume Kratom leaves and its derivatives, such as powder, extract, capsules and so on. It is mainly because of the alleged healing properties of the herbal supplement.

People use it for a vast spectrum of maladies, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue and sleep disorders. Users of pharmaceutical drugs are now switching to the use of this miraculous leaf in treating their illnesses, considering the fewer side effects compared to OTC and prescription medications.

While there is inconclusive proof of kratom’s myriad health benefits, a multitude of people have found it to be a so-called miracle herb.

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