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As we've said on this blog so many times, no two people react to an herbal substance in the same way. The effects that herbs like kratom can have on a person largely depends upon the user's physiological makeup and other factors. Genetics, weight, health and other things affect how one responds to kratom.

Despite this fact, there are some kratom effects that tend to be the same in the vast majority of kratom users. Below we will explore some of the more interesting reviews and experiences people have had using kratom, either medicinally or recreationally.


Kratom Black Label is one the newest kratom brands to take the marketplace by storm. According to Discover Kratom, Kratom Black Label's labeling is misleading, suggesting that kratom capsules are a “candy.”

They lament the same thing so many kratom vendor reviews lament—the company's lack of transparency. As Discover Kratom puts it, “There's no detailed data on how their product is made or what the composition of each of their products is. We're just told in a simple text to 'trust us.'”

Discover Kratom also covers Bali Kratom, noting that it is considered to be the most potent strain of kratom. They praise the calm and stress-free effects that Bali Kratom induces.

Sites such as Supplement Police have touted kratom's value as a treatment for chronic pain, adding that it can improve libido and serve as a viable preworkout supplement. has compiled a list of user reviews that rave about how kratom has helped their fibromyalgia, relieved widespread pain, worked well and was readily available in bulk. One person suffering from anxiety noted that, after taking kratom, they no longer required the prescription benzos their doctor had previously prescribed to treat their condition.

The overwhelming number of online kratom reviews have been positive. Of the negative or mixed reviews out there, the gripes or grievances within them are typically targeted at shady kratom vendors as opposed to the herb itself or any of its many strains.


For those curious about kratom and what they can expect, there is no shortage of user experiences online. David DiSalvo, a public education specialist and author of science-related texts like Brain Changer, has written extensively about his experiment with kratom.

Mr. DiSalvo used free samples from three vendors (Mayan Kratom, Nutmeg Kratom and Online Kratom, respectively) in his evaluation of kratom. In his blog post, he writes, “I did not experience a tremendous difference between strains, although the fusions that contained extracts were consistently more potent.”

DiSalvo took kratom in the morning, mixing it with a small amount of orange juice. “My overall takeaway,” he says, “is that Kratom has a two-tiered effect. Initially it provides a burst of energy very similar to a strong cup of coffee.

“Unlike coffee, however, the energy I derived from Kratom was longer-lasting and level...I also did not experience an energy crash with any of the Kratom products I sampled.

“The second-tier effect was relaxing, but fell short of being sedating. I never felt sleepy while taking Kratom, but I did experience a level relaxation that was pleasant, and balanced out the initial energy-boosting effects nicely.”

DiSalvo goes on to say that he experienced no adverse side effects were noting, saying only that he was aware of his eyes being bloodshot after taking the kratom.

Again, not everyone responds in the same way. As evidenced by this user's experience that was shared on Within thirty minutes of taking kratom, the user reports feeling warm and then hot, something which lasts for another half hour before he begins to sweat profusely.

After lying on the floor for some time, fanning himself to cool off, the user gets up a half hour later and immediately experiences a wave of nausea. However, he goes on to say that these side effects were pretty well offset by the feeling of euphoria instilled in him by the kratom.

A post on DMT-NEXUS wasn't neartly so positive about it. A user by the handle Nathaniel.Dread posted a warning about a nightmarish kratom experience that carried serious after-effects. In the post, Nathaniel says, “I'm mostly posting this to get the information out there and help contribute the the literature on Kratom. It's about 24 hours after I dosed (3 grams + 1 additional gram about an hour later), and I feel like absolute s**t.

“I've tried kratom 3 times before: 2 grams wasn't that impressive, 6 definitely felt like overdose (profound sedation, dysphoria, extreme nausea etc) so I thought I was aiming for a middle-of-the-road dose but I am done now. Going to liquidate the rest of my ounce tonight.

“Every time I got up to urinate (which Kratom makes me do a lot) I became dizzy and nauseous...I was getting closed eye visuals of people who seemed to be covered in mold or fungi and 'hearing' a kind of toothless mumbling that disturbed me immensely.

“It sounded like the noise a severely mentally challenged person might make, and my head was full of thoughts of ordinary people subjected to ruinous torture and experimentation.”

Later, this user says that he can feel a migraine coming on ten hours after taking his last kratom dose.

A user on Bluelight offered a very different perspective on the kratom experience, writing, “Kratom offers a pleasing buzz, but it only lasts about an hour. Then it's gone and I can't redose for another 12 or so hours.

“It just won't work again if I try to dose sooner. When I use it every day, the buzz gets less and less until it's practically worthless. Kratom just didn't do me very well.”

Another poster agreed, saying, “Kratom is somewhat self limiting when it comes to abuse or daily recreational use.”

The big takeaway here is that users should manage their expectations when using kratom and always avoid chronic use so as not to develop a tolerance or addiction. Kratom abuse is detrimental to one's health and the withdrawal symptoms from kratom can be every bit as brutal as heroin withdrawal or withdrawal from prescription painkillers.

That said, there are plenty of testimonials to back up the value of taking kratom at recommended dosages.

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