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Akuamma, otherwise known as the Picralima nitida tree, is a plant that is grown in tropical climates. As with Mitragyna speciosa, the kratom plant, it is often harvested in the wilds. The Akuamma seeds contain Akuammine, a potent indole alkaloid.

This beneficial alkaloid accounts for 0.56% percent of the dried akuamma powder that people purchase from online vendors and other sources. Akuamma has risen to the forefront of the nootropic movement because it is a powerful alternative to other, harsher substances. Here we will delve into the range of areas where Akuamma is useful.
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Traditionally, Akuamma seeds have been used medicinally in West Africa to treat a number of conditions. Little is known about its precise origins, but it is generally understood that Akuamma was used in tropical regions of Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, etc.) as a folk medicine.

Akuamma is often sold as a bulk African trade botanical. It has also been utilized as an anti-inflammatory all across the Ivory Coast.

In fact, a hospital in Ghana commenced with the manufacturing of Akuamma powder at one point, standardizing the dosage at 250 gram capsules. Their decision to do so resulted in extensive medical research being conducted to determine the veracity of its supposed value.


Akuamma’s two most potent alkaloids are akuammine and pericine. Akuammine is structurally in sync with mitragynine, the most effective alkaloid in kratom, and yohimbine which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is also used by veterinarians to reverse sedation in dogs.




Synthetic studies suggest that the akuammiline alkaloids make for anti-malarial activity, supporting the idea that Akuamma is a strong antimalarial herb. It is regularly used across the globe in the treatment of diarrhea and malaria.


Akuamma is known to induce a sense of well-being. In certain doses, Akuamma may also make for a restful experience. It is extremely similar to kratom in this regard.

There is much debate as to which one is more powerful and the vast majority of reviewers lean toward kratom as being the longer lasting and more potent of the two. With that being said, many users prefer Akuamma’s effects because they come on slower and more mildly which several first-time users find to be more pleasant.

The other key reason why some choose Akuamma over Kratom is because Akuamma is more readily available all over the world. Where kratom is illegal in several countries and in some regions of Canada and the US, Akuamma is totally legal across the board.


Generally, the recommended dosage for akuamma is set at 2 to 4 grams. However, some people take as much as 6 grams to unlock the full benefits of akuamma seeds. According to users on Reddit, as little as 1.5-1.7 grams are effective.

There are a myriad of ways to prepare your akuamma. It is important to have a cheap scale with which to measure out your akuamma seed powder. Whether you are working with raw akuamma seeds or found akuamma seed powder, measurement is imperative.

A lot of users like to combine their akuamma with Goji berry to cut down on the bitterness of akuamma. In drink form, akuamma is also combined with lemon juice for this same reason.

It is often ground up by using a coffee grinder, but methods vary and everyone can find their own way to prepare it. Some have even suggested that you combine it with kratom when brewing an akkuama tea.


Just like every other herbal supplement out there, Akuamma can have some mild side effects. They include any or all of the following:

  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea

It is worth noting that none of these effects are lethal and they typically only occur in users who have consumer Akuamma in excess of 10 grams.


The most ubiquitous form of akuamma in the Western world is akuamma seed powder. Akuamma powder is readily available from a ton of online vendors and can be found in some head shops and smoke shops across Canada and the US.

It is important that consumers obtain freshly ground akuamma powder to achieve maximum effects.


Akuamma users have been very vocal about their experiences with the herb. In an experience report on drugs-forum.com, a silver member documented their akuamma dose on an hourly basis, noting the kratom-like headspace it instilled in them, saying that it made him feel sedated and “intoxicated,” but later documented increased focus and laughter.

A user on Reddit complained of akuamma seeds’ flavor, writing, “It might be one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. I wasn’t about to throw up or anything, but it was horribly bitter, and I washed it down with water as soon as I had crunched it up enough.”

Despite this fact, the same user was quick to extoll its virtues, saying, “From the one seed, I felt… a different headspace…”

As mentioned previously, akuamma is quite often compared to kratom and, in the case of this particular akuamma experience, it is no exception. “I’d say kratom is a lot more motivating and has a better mood lift and energy to it,” the poster writes.

“…It seems like kratom is a lot better for relief…as well. However, akuamma does seem to offer decent…relief and relaxation, and I could see it going well with cannabis as well.”

This same user goes on to say that he would choose kratom over akuamma for its mood-enhancing properties, but enjoyed the mild “high” of akuamma.

Folks who responded to this user’s experience admonished against buying certain seeds, saying that they can contain trace amounts of cyanide. This is a common practice among certain herbal companies. As anyone who has ever purchased Morning Glory seeds from their neighborhood Home Depot can tell you, the seeds are sprayed with caustic chemicals to attempt to prevent consumers from using the seeds as a recreational drug.

The result is quite unpleasant; from personal experience, I can tell you that chewing on or drinking sprayed seeds causes acute gastrointestinal discord. You may end up writhing around on the ground, clutching your stomach and struggling to regurgitate long gray strands of plant matter.

For this reason, consumers should carefully vet the companies they are considering purchasing their akuamma from. It is best to purchase akuamma from online vendors who sell other nootropics. These companies understand their consumers’ needs and do not attempt to poison them as a preventative measure.


Akuamma seeds are available at head shops and from online stores. Some of the top akuamma vendors online include buykratom.us who offer a 1 oz bag for $7.99 and Supernatural Botanicals who sell bulk akuamma seeds from $24.99 and up.

Other vendors include World Seed Supply and Herb Stomp. World Seed Supply’s akuamma starts at $9.99 and customers can purchase bulk akuamma seeds in excess of $120.00. Herb Stomp sells a ½ ounce of akuamma seeds for $6.00. They also accept venmo in addition to credit cards.

Users should do their own independent research to determine whether they feel comfortable purchasing items from these vendors. Much can be learned about online nootropic vendors by looking them up at the Better Business Bureau website and reading consumer experiences on sites like Reddit and Bluelight.

We are proud to announce that Kratom Crazy will soon be stocking pure organic Akuamma Powder. Our 25 gram bags will retail for just $10.99. In the meantime, look around, do your homework and make sure you snag yourself superior akuamma seeds.

Akuamma powder is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA and is offered for research purposes only.

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