Mitragyna Hirsuta: Kratom’s Cousin

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Mitragyna Hirsuta is a family of tall trees that are extensively found in parts of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It is closely linked to Mitragyna speciosa. Rubiaceae is the family origin of both Mitragyna speciosa and Mitragyna Hirsuta.

Mitragyna Hirsuta is commonly known as “KRA THUM KHOK “in Thailand. The leaves of Mitragyna Hirsuta have similar effects to those of Kratom. They both have a restorative and enhanced effect on the mind of the users. The leaves energize, promote relaxation. The plant is tall and often found in native areas of Southeast Asia.

Mitragyna hirsuta is made from the dried, crushed leaves of the plant. Its leaves are sometimes chewed with betel nuts or brewed with hot water to make Kra Thum Khok tea. The chewed leaves are used to achieve the aforementioned properties.

The plant contains a number of alkaloids which make it effective. The major active constituent of it is Mitraphylline which is chemically related to mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are found in large quantities in Mitragyna speciosa. 

Furthermore, the leaves of the plant are crushed and combined with betel leaves and chewed until the plant’s juice is extracted. This juice then helps to raise energy levels and make an individual more active.

Lower doses tend to instill a coffee-like effect while higher dosage may results in a restful experience. 


The effects of KRA THUM KHOK are rejuvenating and exhilarating. They get noticed quite quickly and last up to several hours. The Mitragyna Hirsuta plant has numerous positive effects on the mind and body.

Reviews have said that the Mitragyna hirsuta plant may assist in coping with work-related stress. Its aroma can last up to 4 hours with a minimum of 3 hours of relief.


Reviews also say that it is very uplifting to an individual’s mood and cognitive state.

Another positive benefit of this plant is that it helps us to feel a sense of deep pleasure and well-being at high levels. 

The consumption of Mitragyna hirsuta gives you euphoric and happy feelings, and stimulates a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. One dose can bring an individual to a peaceful state of mind and put all negative emotions to an end.




This plant has a low risk of serious side effects and, thus, it is not considered dangerous. Like any other drug, excessive usage of Mitragyna Hirsuta does not cause any serious side effects, but like opium, it can cause mental laziness and sleepiness.

The only difference if compared to opium is that it leads to eventual addiction and dependency while Mitragyna Hirsuta has no such addictive effects or dependency issues. Other side effects of this plant are mild and are not known to cause any addiction.

Because of the non-sedative nature of the plant at the standard dosage and its various positive effects, it is considered safe for commercial sale and use.

KRA THUM KHOK is considered to be much milder than Mitragyna speciosa. It is also known to have similar side effects on the body.

The herb can result in hallucinations, tachycardia and can also increase respiratory issues when taken in large volumes. One should consume the suggested quantity of the herb only.

Also, one should discontinue the consumption of the drug if you experience any of the above side effects. Sometimes, after consumption of Mitragyna hirsuta, the sedative effects of the drug begin and the person starts feeling drowsy.


Mitragyna Hirsuta is an herb that enables the user to attain calming and soothing effects. It is available in leaf crush form or fine Mitragyna hirsuta powder to be used in tea. Extracts and tinctures of the leaves can be used sometimes for medicinal purposes.

The average dosage of Mitragyna hirsuta is 20 grams. It is advised to use 15 grams by first-time users. A cup of tea could be prepared by boiling water and putting the Mitragyna hirsuta leaves in to steep for 30 minutes.

The leaves are generally available in powder form and you need to just add a spoon of it to hot water to brew a tea out of it. Gradually, drink the cup of tea over the course of the next 30 minutes.


It is suggested to sip herbal tea slowly so that the utmost absorption is ensured.

This plant must be burned with caution. It must be consumed in right dosage to prevent many side effects. Always consult your physician before consuming Mitragyna hirsuta.

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