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EZ Kratom is a US-based kratom vendor that was founded in 2016. Located in Holiday, Florida, they are a wholesale kratom vendor that offers free Priority shipping. As a new vendor, they are in the unfortunate position of being an untested resource, one that long-time kratom users will understandably be wary of.

Here we will take a look at the company and their product line to try and offer a fair and balanced assessment of the company and its place in the nootropic landscape.

According to their website, EZ Kratom was founded by two men who saw the need for reasonably priced kratom with consistent quality throughout the kratom community. This makes sense since countless kratom users are always looking for new sources of kratom online.

A quick search of the nootropic subreddit reveals tons of posts asking for vendor recommendations and the best brands for kratom quality and kratom prices.

As for the actual quality of EZ Kratom’s kratom powder, there is no way for me to speak to that since I have not personally tried any of their kratom products. However, their agenda is quite clear; when you go to their site, the first thing that greets you is a logo that carries the following tag line: “No Fillers. No Additives. 100% Kratom.”

It’s a wise move on their part, operating on the age old principle of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). It’s simple and to the point, assuring visitors that they are dealing with a company with integrity and quality standards.

When it comes to kratom vendors, one factor that is important to almost all nootropic enthusiasts is variety. We like to have a wide range of options and this is one area that EZ Kratom appear to excel in. Their product line includes no less than eighteen kratom powders including White Horn, Red Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da and Ultra Enhanced varieties.

They also offer a sample pack of 4 strains for $39.95. Alas, that price point is fairly steep for just 28 grams, but the opportunity to try several kratom strains is something that will doubtlessly appeal to many visitors to the site.

Most of EZ Kratom’s kratom powders start at $45, a fact that hardly backs up their mission statement about providing reasonably priced kratom when we consider that most top kratom vendors sell 24 to 28 grams of kratom powder for as little as nine bucks.

Their Gold Full Spectrum Kratom Powder Extract starts at $106.80. Again, how these guys think these kinds of prices are reasonable compared to other, more established kratom vendors is anybody’s guess.

To put this into perspective, let’s look at companies like Kraken Kratom and Wicked Kratom. Kraken Kratom offer 28 grams of kratom for as little as $8.45 while Wicked Kratom offers 3 ounces of certain kratom strains for $24.99.

Clearly, EZ Kratom is not at the top of the heap when it comes to cost, but what about the products themselves? Let’s take a closer look.


Users on Reddit are calling EZ Kratom “incredible,” with one user writing, “EZ has become my new favorite distributor. They are the best by leaps and bounds. Not only are their prices the lowest I have found, but they are just a wonderful company that knows how to run a business.

“The low prices may dissuade you from trying them, thinking the product may be crappy. PLEASE, do yourself a favor and try them. Their product is amazing! I have been using kratom for awhile now. I have had good and not so good. EZ Kratom is quality stuff.”

Obviously this user hasn’t done much digging to find lower prices or, perhaps, EZ Kratom offers lower prices than the ones advertised on their product page, but one thing is evident—their kratom is quality kratom.

Regarding pricing, one user said that he spoke with Zach at EZ Kratom and was promised a sample pack of 100 grams of kratom for $12.

But other posts suggest that this is one promise they probably can’t keep. Another Redditor said that he ordered a 250 gram bag of kratom powder from EZ Kratom and they shorted him by 100 grams.

“First of all,” he writes. “The color of it seems dull. Also, it tastes a little like dirt. Just a bit though. I don’t think this stuff is very potent.”

If this user’s experience gives you pause, it is worth noting that Zack at EZ Kratom was quick to respond to this poster, offering to send another sample, explaining that their scale may have been unlevel at the time and reminding the user of their money back guarantee.

Based on their prompt response and offer to send more kratom gratis, it would seem that EZ Kratom are men of their word and that the company backs up their promise of quality and excellence.


EZ Kratom coupon codes are readily available online. Kratomcoupons.com offer discounts for as much as 50% off to those who use their codes.


In summary, EZ Kratom seems to be a fairly reputable company with a commitment to customer service. They have found their way onto a list of dependable vendors at Kratomsellers.com. Give them a try and let us know in the comments what you think.

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