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Phytoextractum is a well-established vendor of all natural, plant-based health products. They supply and ship supplements such as Guayusa powder, Akuamma seeds, Argan Oil, mushrooms and Korean Ginseng.

They also sell specialty products like Kona Coffee, teas, essential oils and blue lotus extract. They sell Kratom powder, extract and capsules in a wide range of strains and many refer to them as one of the best vendors in the business. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Phytoextractum stand out as a particularly popular Kratom vendor.

Kratom comes in a variety of different forms: extracts, raw powder (leaves), capsules and gels. It is recommended to purchase the capsules from this vendor, not the extracts, as they can be too powerful and difficult to determine the right dose, especially for new users. Capsules are easier to carry around and swallow, anyhow, so they’re your safest bet in general.

Most customer feedback is genuinely positive with users reporting that Phytoextractum products are consistent and high quality with a smooth ordering and shipping process and very responsive service team. The company also makes a point of testing its products regularly and offers a 30-day guarantee on all items.

“My friends and I tried a large sampling of the powder selection for this Phytoextractum Kratom review, with close attention paid to classic strains such as Maeng Da Thai and Green Malaysian. And the verdict was overwhelmingly positive.” ~ Kratom IQ


These guys always send their goods in solid packaging, keeping everything fresh and safe, and their goods are reliable. It comes fast and is easily returnable within 30 days (they offer a firm guarantee on all of their products). They are also known for their excellent customer service—they respond quickly and effectively.

“I had a small issue with one of the strains I order and they took care of it overnight and sent a new batch. I recommend them to all my friends and to everyone reading this.” ~ Luke K.

When it comes to business loyalty programs, these guys have it down pat. Not only have they offered free shipping on orders over $75 (this feature seems to be halted temporarily), they also offer rewards points at an easily reached dollar cap to ensure customer loyalty. They have an affiliate program setup where you can earn commission via referrals.

They even give you a free gift at a certain price point. In the past, gifts have included empty capsules, a blender bottle or even charity donations—how awesome is that? All businesses could benefit from having more of these types of programs.

As far as the website goes, the print is a little small and the design is a bit old school, but the site is pretty user-friendly. Plus, the site shows when product will be back in stock if they are all out of something. They’ve also got an awesome FAQ section on their website if you’re a customer looking to know more.


Acquiring and bottling good quality, authentic Kratom costs money, and this is especially true in this era of kratom being on the fence legally in a lot of places. When you’re shopping for Kratom, you can use the price point to gauge whether the vendor is legit.

This vendor sells their Kratom at a reasonable but higher price point and offers a huge variety. These are indicators that you’ve found the real deal.

Phytoextractum pricing remains quite competitive for good quality Kratom, with Maeng Da powder (and most other kratom strains) priced at under $20 USD / oz, and the lowest price point falling under $10…this is a great deal!

The site seems to always have several strains on sale, probably to clear out older stock, which shows they care about keeping things fresh. They also offer plenty of discounts through loyalty programs and coupons. It’s easy to buy product from the site as there are a variety of payment and discount options. You can even use Bitcoin and Dwolla, which makes everything even more convenience and customer-friendly.


The fact that Phytoextractum has a whole page dedicated to discount coupons means that they’re committed to providing ongoing discounts, something that’s admirable in a company and shows their dedicaton to the business as ongoing rather than this being a fly-by-night kind of deal. Check out some promo codes or visit the website to see what types of deals they have to offer.


Recent reviews show overwhelmingly positive response to Phytoextractum on most levels. According to the community, Phytoextractum holds its own in both quality and customer service.

People are raving about their quick shipping, solid return policy and decent prices on Kratom.

“This place is the business, shop here once a month if not more..customer service responds fast to answer any problems and is really helpful to ensure your happiness I won’t shop anywhere else this is my go to for botanicals if I could give them more stars I would fer sure.” ~ Cory K.

As far as quality goes, customers report average to good quality on various Kratom strains.

“I’ve tried there [sic] super indo which was above average. I’ve also purchased both white veins they carry and were basic quality. It’s a decent site just don’t expect great product at $10 a ounce. Now if your willing to spend more try the red vein maeng da and the super indo they are both above average strains.” ~ Spmex7, Reddit

“I’ve only tried their Bali before as I used their site for other things in the past. When I had it the Bali was really good tho, best kratom I’ve had so far. I’ve been wary to try again as I keep hearing mixed reviews as well.” ~ zipthalip1243, Reddit


To summarize, it is this reviewer’s opinion that Phytoextractum is a trusted vendor with products of fair quality and semi-reasonable prices. Based on customer experiences and general information, it would appear as though Phytoextractum is a kratom company worth doing business with.

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