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This San Francisco, CA-based company is a kratom vendor with ties to the agricultural industry. They have been a member of Trade Key, a global trade outlet, since 2016. Eden’s Ethnos’ owners claim to offer the finest and freshest ethnobotanicals, but can they be taken at their word?

Here we will take a look at their product line, their prices and their reputation in the nootropic marketplace to better assess where they stand among the vast kratom/nutraceutical competition.


While Eden’s Ethnos bill themselves as a purveyor of ethnobotanicals, their website advertises only kratom products. Their product line appears to consist of kratom powders, kratom extract and kratom capsules.

I say appears because, at the time of this writing, all I was able to access on their product page were six small pictures, two of which were pics of powder, one which showed kratom capsules lying in a pile of kratom powder, another which displayed kratom extract bottles and the final one which showed the label on their UEI kratom extract.

When I attempted to click on these pictures, expecting them to open into individual product pages, nothing happened. I thought, perhaps, there was something wrong with my computer so I had my assistant open the page on her tablet and…nada.

No product descriptions, no further details about kratom strains, no pricing information or anything. This seemed fairly mind-boggling as the very back bone of selling kratom is product information. Folks choose their kratom vendors carefully and generally consider trying a new vendor out based on the quality and geography of their kratom powder.

Never one to give up, I decided to open Eden’s Ethnos on my iPhone and had similar difficulty navigating through their website. This time, I hit pay dirt…or so I thought. This time, I was able to open product pages by clicking on the pictures.

Unfortunately, all that came up was the name of their kratom products. For instance, the first picture I clicked at the top of their product page was titled Red Bentuangie. This seemed strange because, in all of my time researching and reviewing kratom strains, I had never come across this name.

I referred to my fellow kratom experts and learned that Bentuangie kratom has a reputation as one of the more relaxing kratom strains. Chatter on Reddit has it that Bentuangie is made from the more mature kratom plants.

The second pic I clicked on brought me to a page for liquid kratom. Again, there was no product information, just the name and the picture. Nothing more to go on. As I said before, I am not entirely convinced that this isn’t a technological issue. But if I use three different electronic devices to try and open a product page, I expect the page to fully load on at least one of them.

So did this work in the case of Eden’s Ethnos’ website? No dice. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this is just unacceptable.

When you click on their UEI kratom extract picture, it’s the same kind of thing—all it tells you is that they offer Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract. No price. No further details. Likewise with their Maeng da kratom powder and their kratom capsules.

I decided to visit Reddit to see what past customers have said about Eden’s Ethnos and I was met with even more baffling information. Apparently, one customer purchased two kratom strains called Yellow Sunda and Green Riau, strains that I did not find on their official website.

This particular customer seemed largely underwhelmed in his review, writing that the Green Riau was a “pretty fine grind” but adding that it wasn’t the best nor the worst he’d ever had and saying that it did nothing for his knee pain.

“Doesn’t sound too appealing,” another user replied. And no, it certainly does not.


Eden’s Ethnos’s product page does not appear to offer any pricing information. This lack of transparency waved a red flag for me, so I did some digging online to find out more about what Eden’s Ethnos had for sale and what kind of prices they demand from their customers.

As you can see on their website (one of few things there are to see in my experience), they are known for doing business with resellers who stock their kratom products. One of their resellers is kraysdeals.com who charge $22.95 for a 15 gram 30-count bottle of Bali Kratom capsules. This is also the price point for their Maeng Da Kratom capsules.

This is a fairly standard price for a 30 count bottle. By comparison, Phoria offers a 30 count bottle of Red Bali capsules for $19.95. On the other hand, Kratomcapsules.com sells a 50 count bottle of premium Bali kratom capsules for just $18.99. Each capsule contains 500 mg of kratom powder.

A 65 count of Eden’s Ethnos’s Maeng Da Kratom capsules retails for $32.95 at Krays Deals. Other kratom vendors, such as Kraken Kratom, offer 28 gram kratom capsules for $21.45.

At Krays Deals, a 140 count bottle of Bali Kratom capsules sells for $65.95. Most vendors who offer wholesale kratom capsules in bulk sell 100 units for less than $40.00. Jacksonskratom.com sells 100 kratom capsules for just $34.95.


Eden’s Ethnos offer absolutely no information on their website about customer service and, what’s more, they warn customers that all sales are final. According to their resellers page, they have suspended their return policy because of the pending ban on Kratom.

This is simply false information as no such ban is actually pending. If one looks into the recent DEA scrutiny of kratom, it becomes clear that the Drug Enforcement Administration are reevaluating kratom’s medicinal value. No decisions on banning or regulating the substance have been made in the US.

While kratom has been outlawed in some states, the vast majority of US states have not successfully passed any legislation restricting the possession or sale of kratom. Therefore, this is no excuse for a reputable (or, in this case, dubiously reputable) kratom vendor to deny their customers refunds.

As some of you probably already know, most legit kratom vendors are active on Reddit and other social media platforms, taking a keen interest in customer feedback. They are committed to quality and excellence, even going so far as to respond to posts where customers complain about their experience with the vendor, offering said customers refunds and free kratom samples.

Not only that but a lot of vendors go out of their way to provide their customers with coupon codes and other great discounts and deals. In this case of Eden’s Ethnos, not only are there no available coupon codes but their Contact Us page gives visitors no email address to write to, no information about their shipping policies and no price point for shipping options.

All one gets when they click on the Contact Us page are fields where you can enter your name, your email address, your phone number and a short message to the company.


The verdict is in on Eden’s Ethnos and it isn’t good. In a subreddit entitled KratomKorner, one user posed the question, “Edens Ethnos. Yay or nay?” The answers were far from encouraging with the poster saying, “I recently acquired some capsules of this brand and wow…it was horrible. I took all fifteen capsules, emptied out over the course of an hour and I felt nothing. A total of 8.3 grams. Just a PSA to never buy it.”

A responder was quick to chime in, writing, “They used to sell a concentrate that was pretty decent, but my last experience with their bali capsules was terrible; made me light headed and sick.”

Another user admonished kratom users against them, reporting on the litigation currently being levied against the company. “They are a scam!” he writes. “I ordered from them a week ago and they have NOT sent me my product. They had no problem taking the money out of my account.

“I’ve been trying to contact them for either my money back or just send me what I ordered. So I researched the owner and he is in multiple lawsuits for fraud and embezzlement. Wish I would have done my homework first before doing business with such a bad dude.”


In summary, Eden’s Ethnos has all of the earmarks of a disreputable kratom vendor. Their prices may be reasonable, but their business practices leave something to be desired and they have little to no presence online. Before patronizing their lackluster services, readers may want to consider some of the more trusted kratom vendors.

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