Maeng Da Kratom Effects


There are many different kratom strains and Maeng Da is, by far, one of the most popular, not to mention one of the most potent. Here we will look at where each Maeng Da kratom strain is comparable and where they differ.


Red vein Maeng Da is known for its energy-enhancing and analgesic properties. It is ideal for those suffering from Fibromyalgia or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) as well as arthritis or chronic lower back pain.

Unlike other kratom strains, red vein Maeng Da is effective in low daily doses which means that it has less of a potential for tolerance and addiction compared to others. What's more, it is one of the kratom strains that is wildly effective at treating opiate withdrawal symptoms.


The green veins of Green Maeng Da are the natural color of the M. speciosa (kratom) plant's leaves. Like Red Maeng Da, it elicits pain killing qualities as well as energy-boosting properties. Of all the Maeng Da strains, Green Vein is one of the strongest stimulants in the Maeng Da family.

Unlike Red Vein Maenga Da, Green Maeng Da's precise effects depend largely on dosage level, weight, metabolism and other factors. For those with a tolerance to other kratom strains, you may have to take a larger dose of Green Maeng Da in order to feel many of its effects.


White vein Maeng Da is generally considered to be much stronger than Green Maeng Da in terms of its potency and half life. Similar in nature to Red Vein Maeng Da, White Vein Maeng Da kratom is renowned for its stimulating, energy-elevating effects.

Kratom comes from the coffee family of plants and, as such, white vein acts not unlike a strong cup of coffee with a shot of espresso on the side. But it is important to note that, unlike caffeine-rich coffee, White Vein Maeng Da kratom does not give the user a case of the jitters.

Despite its stimulating properties, White Vein Maeng Da serves as a natural stress reliever and can leave the user feeling replenished and refreshed. Of the aforementioned Maeng Da strains, it is the widely considered to have the most efficacy when treating sleep-related issues like night shift work disorder or insomnia.


Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract is a highly concentrated form of Maeng Da kratom that is prepared by applying 99% pure Maeng Da kratom alkaloids back to the all natural Maeng Da Kratom leaf. For users who are constantly on the go and need something that fits neatly into a pocket or pouch, UEMA Kratom is the way to go!


Users should always stick to recommended dosages. If the kratom vendor you use does not provide this information, you can search online for recommendations. It is always best to regulate your dose according to kratom experts' instructions.

If you are under the age of 18, you should NOT use Maeng Da or any other kratom strain.

First-time users should always start with the lowest dose possible before gradually adjusting their intake.

Always consider the reason you are taking Kratom to best determine which strain serves your purposes.

Kratom should never be taken in conjunction with synthetic drugs nor should it be combined with other herbal supplements without first consulting with a physician.

If side effects occur, you should discontinue use at once and seek immediate medical attention.


All Maeng Da Kratom strains share similar effects, but each one is unique with some having more efficacy in certain specific areas. Before choosing a Maeng Da strain, you should always consider whether you are taking it for stress, sleep, fatigue, chronic pain, energy or its potential for euphoria.

Do your homework and choose vendors wisely.

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