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In recent years, we have seen a rash of reputable vendors release specially-formulated coffees for so-called cognitive enhancement and performance enhancement. Past products have included Onnit Labs’ Arabica Dark Roast Coffee Kit with MCT Oil, and Bulletproof Brain Octane.

The latest brain-boosting coffee to hit the market is Kimera Koffee, a brand that bills itself as a single-estate artisan coffee packed with 725mg of premium nootropics for “power,” focus and cognition. Kimera Koffee is supposedly cultivated at a high altitude, resulting in purer beans.

But does it actually work as well as they say it does? Is Kimera Koffee the real deal? Here we’ll take a look at what Kimera Koffee is all about—what products they have to offer, how their prices stack up against the competition, what the public is saying about Kimera Koffee and much, much more.


Most companies like Onnit Labs offer a variety of roasts as well as supplements and tutorials. Kimera Koffee, on the other hand, does not have a very expansive product line. Their main focus is one thing and one thing only: Kimera Koffee. Period. 12-oz dominican coffee with cognitive enhancers.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. As anyone who has watched an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares can tell you, a restaurant with a thousand menu items is a restaurant whose food probably sucks. When it comes to the world of nootropics, the same theory applies.

Kimera Koffe comes in three forms—twelve-ounce ground, their Jujimufu’s Brew Dark Roast and Kimera Kacao Booster Powder. The latter is a raw cacao powder infused with L-Glutamine and Ceylon Cinnamon.

They also offer Kimera Koffee Seed Stack, a blend of raw hemp, flax seed, chia seeds and sesame seeds. This one is perfect for those who like a little wheat germ on their ice cream or cereal. It’s a pleasant Omega-3-rich blend that tastes great and pairs well with several dishes.

The Kimera website also sells drinkware and apparel, but at $44.95 for a short sleeve rashguard, it hardly seems worth the time it would take you to toggle over to that particular product page.

Kimera Koffee K-cups are also available online via Kimera Koffee’s Amazon store. They are available in a 24 pack.


Kimera Koffee is said to contain 725 milligrams of Alpha-GPC, DMAE, L-Theanine and Taurine. All of these nootropic compounds are well-renowned for their congitive benefits.

Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic substance that produces choline. It is known to improve learning skills, strengthen cells, protects against cognitive decline and enables electrical pulses to flow freely through cells.

DMAE (dimethyl-amino-ethanol) is a mood-elevating nutrient that has been shown to stimulate the brain and instill alertness and focus. Dr. Ray Sahelian has said that DMAE can increase clarity of thinking.

Likewise, L-Theanine is a supplement that can significantly improve focus and mood. By stimulating alpha brain waves, L-Theanine ameliorates brain fog, improves recall and increases creativity.

Taurine is another brain nutrient which has been used as both a neuroprotective agent as well as a natural anxiolytic (anti-anxiety). It is said that taurine can calm an overstimulated mind which makes it a viable stress relief substance as well as a cognitive enhancer.

So all of these ingredients can be wildly effective at the right doses, but the problem here is that Kimera Koffee’s precise milligram amounts of each compound are not disclosed on their official website nor is it disclosed on their product’s label. As mentioned earlier, each bag of Kimera Koffee is infused with 725 milligrams of this nootropic blend, but there is no way for us to know how many of those milligrams consist of each substance.

Kimera Koffee caffeine content? This is another questionable area. Nowhere do we see the exact amount of caffeine contained within Kimera Koffee nor can we tell whether this matters.

At the end of the day, the question I would pose is, “Do we really need all of these nootropics in a cup of coffee? As anyone with a rudimentary understanding of coffee can tell you, caffeine is a cognitive enhancer in its own right.

In the past, John Hopkins University researchers have found that caffeine can have a positive impact on memory. Experts believe that it may have a facilitatory effect on learning. The medical community considers it to be a “pure cognitive enhancer.”

Whether or not one really needs all of the aforementioned nootropics to boost their brain when enjoying their morning joe, it doesn’t hurt to have them. These are all incredible substances that have been proven to make a real difference.


As I said before, some of their stuff is ridiculously pricey, particularly their apparel, but not everything is so unreasonable here. For instance, $14.95 will get you a pretty sweet Kimera Koffee ToGo Mug. That’s not bad when you consider that a Starbucks Sparkle Gold mug retails for $25-30.

But let’s face it, you didn’t come here for swimwear or to find a drinking implement. You came for the coffee. So here’s lookin’ at Kimera Koffee proper. A 12-oz bag of Kimera Ground sells for $21.95. This is a bit steep when compared with competitors. To compare, a 12-oz bag of Onnit’s Caveman Colombian Amber goes for just $18.95.


The first thing many among the nootropic community will likely look for after learning about this product is Kimera Koffee coupon code. Fortunately for them, they will not have to go far to find one.

When you sign up for Kimera Koffee’s newsletter, you automatically get 10% off the price of your first order. After that, you can visit Coupon Sock for additional 10% off coupons.


Kimera Koffee’s reputation online leaves something to be desired. As one user on Reddit pointed out, “What’s the point? Just buy all the noots and mix them into ur favourite cup.”

Another user noted the costly nature of the brand, writing, “Kimera coffee is pretty expensive. Can you guys recommend any cheaper alternatives I could try?”

Among more than 400 customer reviews on Amazon, many lamented the high price, poor taste and lack of results.


In summation, Kimera Koffee is a brand that is largely untested and far from cost-productive for the average consumer. For those who like to take a risk, Kimera Koffee might be the way to go. For the rest of us, there are other options out there that may be more satisfying and more affordable.

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