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For those who are seeking a natural or less synthetic alternative to drugs like Ecstasy or Molly, there are many options out there. While most nootropics are meant to serve as performance boosters or cognitive enhancers, some of them have the added benefit of providing euphoric effects.

There is a wide range of herbs and other remedies than can elicit significant euphoric and hypnotic effects. Here we will explore the top 9 euphoric remedies as well as some very interesting combinations of common household compounds that can subtantially alter your brain chemistry.


Harvested from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant, kratom powder or kratom supplements can relieve pain, alleviate depression and offer stimulation in low doses. But what many people don’t know is that, in larger doses, kratom acts as both a sedative and a euphoric psychoactive substance.

The kratom high is one of blissful euphoria and waves of calm serenity. Users have described it as feeling like “a nice warm blanket on a cold winters day,” and have said that it comes on strong and then fades away within 30 minutes to two hours, depending upon the kratom strain.


PEA is one of the most popular euphoric nootropics among the online noot community. An organic compound, PEA is a natural monamine alkaloid that possesses stimulant qualities as well as psychoactive properties.

Alas, PEA’s euphoric effects do not generally last as long as top shelf kratom with most users reporting a drop off in euphoric sensation within a half hour. Nevertheless, it has been embraced by noot nuts for its ability to offer sharp, sustained focus and performance enhancement when lifting weights.


This one’s a synthetic derivate of Vitamin B1, but its effects are outstanding! Not only has it served as an effective mood enhancement supplement but it also provides improved concentration and, yes, euphoria.

Sulbutiamine works by acting on dopamine levels and its euphoric effects are commonly felt within the first few days of continuous use. It is believed that its precise effects depend largely on Thiamine levels within your body.


An amino acid that is closely related to the neurotransmitter GABA, Phenibut substantially increases dopamine levels in the striatum, a portion of the brain that regulates motivation, cognition, motor functions and stimulus-based learning capacity.

In some countries, Phenibut is classified as a psychotropic drug, but in the US and Canada it is marketed as a nutraceutical. Many suggest that Phenibut’s euphoric effects trump those of Hydrocodone, alcohol and MDMA, making it the ideal alternative to Ecstasy and similar drugs.


A one-time discontinued wakefulness agent, this powerful eugeroic is now an unscheduled compound in the US and elsewhere. It is regularly sold as a stimulant, but those who combine it with caffeine report strong euphoric effects.

Due to its long half-life, Adrafinil is an extended release substance whose euphoric effects are long-lasting and potent.


Passiflora incarnata, or Passion flower, is an herb that was first discovered in the wilds of Peru. It is an impressively strong natural psychotropic with sedative properties and many unique health and wellness benefits.

Most notably, passion flower provides users with calming and euphoric effects which enable them to relax and enjoy deeper lucid dreams and more restful sleep patterns.


A mainstay in Chinese medicine, Valerian root is implemented to treat a number of conditions including addiction, sleep disorders and anxiety. It is well-renowned for inducing a calm state of mind along with mental clarity and hypnotic effects.

Valerian is an all-natural anxiolytic that also elicits powerful euphoric effects in certain doses. It often serves as a detoxifying agent for those going through benzodiazepine withdrawal.


This one is a highly regarded herb that is typically used in Mediterranean cuisine, but its culinary value is not its only noteworthy attribute. Rosemary also assists the central nervous system and circulatory system.

What’s more, rosemary is an antioxidant that aids in anxiety reduction, blood pressure regulation and mood enhancement. It landed on our list because it is also available as a liquid extract or tincture that is highly concentrated. Rosemary extract can instill a significant sensation of euphoria.


A European herb, Clary sage is commonly used to produce Muscatel wine in parts of Germany, but that’s not all. Clary sage has been used to treat mild depression, mental fatigue and anxiety. It is also believed to be a natural aphrodisiac when combined with other essential oils.

Clary sage belongs on this list because it is a potent mood enhancer that can induce a state of calm and sedation.


One user on‘s euphoria thread said that this combo can really help people suffering from depression as it noticeably altered her mood after taking it.


This is another interesting combo that was suggested by a user at Earth Clinic. In her words, “I just discovered that ACV, baking soda, and cayenne produces an almost instantaneous state of euphoria!”

In an effort to describe the combo’s exact effects, she writes, “This is going to sound strange, but it makes me feel closer to God.”

So there you have it! As we’ve seen, there are lots of options available to the general public without requiring a prescription or taking a risk by purchasing stuff off a shady street dealer. These are but a few of the incredible natural remedies that are right at your fingertips.


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