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Krabot, LLC is a relatively new kratom vendor operating out of Chino Hills, California. Thus far, their products are gaining steam among the nootropic community thanks to a solid presence on social media and many posts on Reddit threads.

But is Krabot a worthy kratom vendor? Here we’ll explore their product line, their price points and their reputation among consumers to get a better idea of just how good their kratom products are.

After I break down this company’s kratom strains as well as the details of their website, I trust that we will have a better idea of how they stack up against the fierce kratom competition online.

Let’s begin!


Unlike many other kratom vendors, Krabot has a wide variety of kratom products and kratom strains. Among their unique strains are the Green Sundanese (OG), a green vein kratom powder as well as the equally trending Krabot Rising Sun, a Yellow Vietnamese kratom strain.

Other recently added products include the Krabot Evening Blend, a specially-formulated kratom powder that’s composed of Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie and “a splash of Yellow Bali.” It is billed as being a 100 micron fasting acting grind.

Their other kratom powders include standard brand kratom strains such as Green Maeng Da, Bali Gold, Green Bali, Green Malay, Red Hulu, Red Kali and Red Horn.

But what will be of particular interest to most noot nuts is the much-coveted Red Jongkong and Red Bentuangie strains, both of which they offer in 100 gram bags.

Like many other kratom vendors, Krabot offers kratom capsules, but whereas competitors typically offer capsules of traditional kratom strains, Krabot offers unique kratom blends including their signature Morning Blend kratom capsules and their Stem and Vein capsules.

All of Krabot’s kratom capsules contain 1000 milligrams of kratom powder.

Newcomers will be happy to learn that Krabot provides new consumers with a range of different sample packs.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, their kratom capsule sample packs are currently sold out. But this can be taken as a good sign as far as their reputation among consumers. After all, if a product is selling out, it’s probably a solid product.

Luckily, their kratom powder sample packs are still readily available. They offer a 10 strain sample pack in four different sizes with the XL sample pack containing 2,000 grams of premium kratom strains.

For those who are really crazy about kratom, their kratom soap may be an attractive product. It’s certainly unique among kratom vendors and you won’t find this in many other places.

Each bar of kratom soap is said to be a homemade cold process soap containing all natural ingredients. The most impressive thing here is the variety—There are no less than ten different kinds of kratom soap including Frankinsense & Kratom, Coffee Cream & Cocoa and Naked, a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, distilled water and sodium hydroxide.

Alas, all of Krabot’s kratom soaps are currently sold out, but our readers should check with Krabot’s customer service to find out when they will be available again.

Krabot also sells Kratom Tea, a soothing loose leaf tea made from Green Maeng Da kratom. For those who are tired of the toss and wash method of taking kratom powder, you’ll be pleased with Krabot’s Kratom Tea.

The company is also good about plugging upcoming products as you’ll see as soon as you visit their home page. Among the many forthcoming products are a line of new black tea blends.

Accessories are important to many kratom users. Under Krabot’s Miscellaneous section, users will be excited to find relatively inexpensive Krabot-branded digital pocket scales as well as measuring spoons.


We all grew up believing the age-old adage, “The customer’s always right.” Unfortunately, shady companies don’t always share that sentiment and one need only look so far as the kratom /r/reddit to hear horror stories about kratom users dealing with deplorable kratom vendors who dismissed their grievances and/or refused to rectify shipping errors.

Customer service and shipping are two key factors when you’re considering doing business with an online company. Well, it would appear as though customers are in good hands with Krabot as they offer tracking information, live customer support, checkout help and a handy FAQ page.

Hell, they even welcome you to their website right outta the gate. As soon as you reach their home page, a tab pops up on the right side of your screen that asks you how they can help you. It’s exactly like walking into a store and being waited on right away by someone willing to assist you.

They give you free shipping on all orders of $75 or more. Additionally, they give a detailed list of reasons why your order may have been declined and how best to solve the problem.

Personally, I’ve had tons of problems with crappy kratom vendors in the past, but Krabot seems to be a company that is dependable in this area. I also dig the fact that they provide their customers with informational literature in the form of a kratom guide (see: Reviews dropdown menu).


Many of Krabot’s kratom powders sell for $23.99 for a 100 gram bag. That’s an excellent price compared to many other popular kratom vendors. For the sake of comparison, Phytoextractum sells 28 grams of kratom powder for $12.49

Krabot’s 30 count bottles of 1000 mg capsules sell for just $14.99 which is mind-blowing when we consider that the wildly popular Kraken Kratom offer a 50 count bottle of capsules containing a mere 28 grams for a whopping $15.45.

It’s clear that we’ve hit pay dirt with Krabot, at least in terms of price as well as customer service.


Another thing that we all like to look for are bargains and discounts. Krabot’s got your back in that department as well. They’ve regularly offered codes on Reddit, some of which are even in excess of 35% off.

They also promote their coupon codes on social media so keep an eye peeled for their Facebook status updates.


So what’s Krabot’s reputation among online consumers? It appears to be pretty excellent with one Reddit user writing, “Great kratom is nice packaging,” adding that his experience was awesome and saying, “The bags Krabot uses are nice and sturdy and they don’t allow any light through. They have a nice texture and do a great job of protecting my Kratom. No complaints here.”


So to summarize, based on my experience with their tea and the evidence I have to go on, Krabot seems to be a worthy choice from kratom lovers and one that offers an array of interesting products and customer incentives. This one’s fresh!

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