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No gimmicks, just quality kratom. That’s the official motto of Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, new kratom vendor who is already garnering word of mouth among the nootropic community. Perhaps the motto accounts for the threadbare design of Christopher’s website.

No bells and whistles. Simply fresh kratom powder.

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, let’s take a look at this vendor and and then decide how his organic botanicals stack up against competitors in the world of kratom.

Below we will delve into what he has to offer, what his prices look like and what people are saying about this particular kratom vendor. Read on for all the detes.


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals offer all the standard brand kratom strains from Red Thai and Green Maeng Da to White Maeng Da and White Horn. They also offer some of the most in-demand kratom strains such as Elephant Kapuas and Yellow Jong Kong.

So in-demand they are that some of them are currently sold out including Red Jong Kong, White Mahakan and Green Indo.

One item that may be of particular interest is Christopher’s own kratom mix which contains leaves from red, green, yellow and white vein kratom plants.


Whereas other vendors often charge individual amounts for several of their different kratom powders, Christopher provides his customers with one flat rate for all kratom strains. Each kratom powder is affordably priced at $18.00 for 2 ounces which, of course, equates to 56.699 grams.

This is a fairly reasonable price point when you consider that competitors like Kraken Kratom sell just 28 grams for $21.99.


Other kratom vendors all too often sell you on the flash of their web design and catchy ad slogans. This is not the case with Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. On the contrary, he seems to pride himself on the fact that his website is stripped down and minimalistic.

The rather amateurish design of his About page, for instance, has a certain austere charm about it. On it, Christopher says that they are a new company that is, “based on the idea that healthy living and natural products are the way to help and heal the body and mind.”

“There won’t be any fancy labeling,” he writes. “Just quality kratom.”

He goes on to recount the heart attack he suffers in his mid-thirties and how he burns kratom daily to unlock its many health and wellness benefits.

He then eschews the popular opinion that one’s faith should not be shared in polite company and says, “My goal is to someday spread the message to everyone that all healing starts with God.”

Regardless of whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, an agnostic or an atheist, I think we can agree that Christopher’s authentic personality is reassuring to those looking for a trustworthy kratom purveyor.


Christopher’s Payment Options page clearly lays out what processors they use to process orders and where folks can send checks or money orders. He offers detailed information about shipping options and guarantees first class with tracking on orders under 10 ounces.

Other pages on the site explore the legality of kratom and info about the alkaloid content of their kratom powders. On their Alkaloid Content page, you’ll find the medical benefits of each individual alkaloid.

Additionally, Christopher lists the differences between each kratom strain.


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals have offered 10% off discounts to forum members as well as Facebook friends.


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is listed as a reputable vendor over on the I Love Kratom forums. His company carries a five-star rating on Facebook and has received positive reviews in YouTube videos and elsewhere.

Users have called his kratom leaves powerfully sedating and good s**t. Users on I Love Kratom have raved about the fast shipping and quality packaging.


All things considered, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals appears to be a reputable kratom vendor with a small but growing reputation among the kratom-loving community. By all accounts, this is a vendor who is trustworthy and reliable.

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