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Here at Kratom Crazy, we have covered countless advances in the kratom community including the once-imminent kratom ban, kratom legislation, kratom dispensers, highly concentrated kratom extracts, kratom techniques, the dangers and benefits of kratom and, yes, you guessed it…kratom reviews.

Unlike many other active kratom vendors who are vocal about their disdain for their competitors and often write posts slamming the same, we believe in offering our visitors a fair and balanced look at each kratom vendor that’s doing business today.

After all, kratom has become a booming market and there’s enough of the stuff to go around. So, rather than turn you off of trying kratom samples from other kratom companies, we prefer to give you the pros and cons about these vendors in the most unbiased way possible.

That way, you will know who you can trust and where you can try out some quality strains.

We achieve this goal by carefully vetting each kratom vendor. Below we will break down by product line, price point, customer service, mission statement and more. After you read this, I trust you’ll have a better grasp of just where Laughing Lion stands in terms of quality and reliability.

Let’s get crackin’!


Laughing Lion Herbs is a Colorado-based company that was established in 2015. According to founder and CEO Matt Frank, Laughing Lion Herbs was a company that operated out of his 600 sq. ft garage in its infancy.

In no time at all, Frank says the company outgrew this modest facility and he was able to hire a small team to help grow the business.

He attributes the low humidity climate of Rocky Monument, Colorado with the quality of their kratom because, in his words, “The low humidity in our air allows the storage of dry kratom powder to be much easier than in other climates.”

He goes on to say, “I am confident that we have access to the best of the best and take pride in our track record of consistency.”

So is Frank just blowing smoke or is Laughing Lions’ kratom strains truly all the craze. Let’s take a closer look.


Their online store proudly boasts strains that have been filtered to remove stems and veins. The company uses mesh filters to achieve this, resulting in kratom powder that “looks and feels as soft as baby powder!”

Laughing Lion offers Gold Vein kratom, Green Vein kratom, Red Vein kratom, White Vein kratom, Yellow Vein kratom, kratom blends (namely, Electrobuzz White Blend, Fuzzy Blanket Blend, Golden Thai Blend, IGNITE! Blend, Ryujin Blend, Puncing Tiger Blend and Stem & Vein Filter Remnants) as well as KratomX (a fine combination of Infinity Kratom strains, Shilajit, Blue Lotus and Pajaro).

They also offer the Infinity Premium Series, Ultra Ryujin kratom strains with high concentrations of Mitragyna, the active alkaloid of the Mitragyn speciosa plant. These strains, which include White Vein and Green Vein, come in durable zip-lock packages that boast sexy, shiny designs.

A 3 oz Inifinity Sampler Pack is also available which contains 3 distinct kratom strains and comes with free shipping.

Other unique products include kratom salves like their Revolutionary Kratom Ointment/Rub and bath and body products such as Kratom Lip Balm and Bath Bars. Their bath bars come in a variety of soothing aromas and are etched in a decorative bamboo tree design.

Unfortunately, at this time, their bath bars are sold out, but customers are advised to check in with customer service to find out if and when they might be available again.

If it’s merch you’re after, Laughing Lion offer baseball caps emblazoned with their colorful lion’s head logo. And if you’re looking to properly measure out your doses of kratom powder, they also sell fairly affordable digital scales.


While the precise purity and potency of each kratom strain is up for debate, one thing is concrete—Laughing Lion has some of the greatest prices for kratom powder around. As the pop-up that greets you when you visit their homepage reads, “You’ve asked for it, we heard you! Laughing Lion Herbs has just done a site-wide price drop for all products!”

Their Premium Chocolate Borneo kratom is just $7.95 for 28 grams (1 oz). That’s easily one of the lowest prices for any 28 gram bag of quality kratom powder and it’s a price that extends to at least six other kratom strains in their store.

If that didn’t knock your socks off already, they offer Red Sumatra, Red Malay and Red Vein Borneo for a mere $5.95 per 28 grams!

I’ve been active on the kratom scene for over a year now and have dealt with innumerable kratom vendors, many of them dedicated to beating any deal that a competitor has to offer, and in all of that time, I’ve never once come across prices this low.

Some might say this is cause for alarm, that there is simply no way that quality organic kratom powder can be purchased for such a small price point, but the people have spoken. has categorized Laughing Lion Herbs as an “approved vendor,” and customers have come to his defense when negative remarks were levied at founder Matt Frank’s head. One Reddit user wrote, “I can say… that everything was good. The payment method, the kratom, and the shipping. I had no problems.”


Laughing Lion offer same day shipping once payment has been collected. They ship via FedEx and work closely with their customers to meet all shipping needs. They even specify that if a customer requires expedited shipping during non-business week hours, they can email the store for prompt resolution.

All products are vacuum sealed prior to being shipping, ensuring that your order arrives safely as well as expediently.

They also offer two customer service phone numbers and a P.O. Box where they can be reached about any concerns or grievances. As Frank himself put it in the aforementioned Reddit post, “We always do everything in our power to resolve any complaints or issues. We get perhaps 1 or 2 complaints every month about our Kratom out of thousands of orders.”


So you’ve heard all there is to be said about their awesome prices and array of versatile products (to say nothing of their discounted logo-emblazoned fidget spinners). But what do the people have to say about Laughing Lion Herbs?

Users have been very enthusiastic of late, calling Laughing Lions’ red vein kratom strains “awesome.” As one user said, “Infinite Red and the budget bent are amaaaaazing.”

Of course, the lavishing of praise is not something that is unanimous. As with other reputable kratom vendors, there are a fair share of naysayers. One Reddit user posted a response to the above, lamenting the lack of efficacy.

“I just got 4 oz from them and found nothing special at all,” he writes. “In fact, the bags seem light according to my scale. The fuzzy blanket didn’t seem like kratom at all and gave me a headache.”

Naturally, everyone responds to substances different and, as Frank himself pointed out, there is a fairly wide margin of error when you are dealing with a number of different farmers and facilities. But he has also promised his customers that he will continue to make every effort to deliver the best product possible, a statement he seems to stand by if we go on the evidence of return customers.

And as one reviewer wrote back in January of this year, calling their Green Maeng Da surprising and saying, “It kinda came over me in waves, starting about 40 minutes in, that warm super relaxed feeling. ..Once I got up and started moving I was surprised at how much energy I had, but my body felt relaxed. And 90% of pain was gone.

“I motored around for hours in a good mood…So this is one of those strange strains that have that relaxation but also can be motivating.”

Other posters spoke of the effectiveness of their Green Bentuangie for the euphoria it induces. These are but a few of the excellent responses Laughing Lion Herbs has received.


In the past, they have offered 10% off discounts with free shipping to all customers who used their coupon code.

They do not appear to have released any coupon codes recently, but past codes may still usable. One such code can be found here.


In summary, Laughing Lion Herbs are a trustworthy kratom company with some incredibly low prices and diverse kratom strains. They appear to be on the level and easy to reach. Kratom crazies should give ’em a crack.

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