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GA Botanicals, not to be confused with Georgia Botanicals, is a relatively new company that now goes by the moniker Serenity by GA Botanicals. The name change came quick and it’s but one of the many shrewd tactics they use to brand themselves and their products.

So is this company a scam operation or are they a legit botanical vendor? Find out below as we explore the company based on product versatility, availability, price point, consumer reputation and more.


Variety is the spice of life and, when it comes to GA Botanicals or “Serenity,” they’ve got one spicy meatball. Their web store is divided into twelve product pages which cover everything from calm and focus to wellness and relief.

Each page contains a vast array of organic products including everything from functional beverages (Prevail Immune Boost, Prevail Trim, Prevail Energy, etc.) to their Serenity Mood Blend Tea (a discreet blend of Red Thai and White Indo kratom powders).

Perhaps this is the shrewdest thing about Serenity, it looks like a department you would find in Bed, Bath & Beyond, but it’s really a kratom vendor who knows how to conceal this controversial “research chemical” in the guise of lavender body oils and the like.

Instead of calling it kratom powder, they call it “tea powder.” Instead of using the naughty K word, they call it by its plant name—Mitragyna speciosa.

Serenity’s “tea” page features classics like Bali, Bentuangie, Green Malay and Maeng Da as well as lesser known strains like Cambodian.

In addition to their Kava Kava Root Extract and Mucuna Seed Powder, Serenit’s “Calm” page also offers Calming Rest Organic Tea, a blend of chamomile, peppermint, decaffeinated Indian green tea, skullcap, wood betony, catnip and stevia herb.

We don’t often talk about other natural supplements on Kratom Crazy, but these are all soothing herbs which can have a profoun effect on mood and nerves.

If it’s energy you’re after, Serenity sells no less than ten powders and essential oils for this purpose. They include Gotu Kola Herb Extract, Serenity Energy Blend Tea (which is but another name for their combination of White Indo and Yellow Borneo Kratom) and their ultra-cheap Energy Adjustment Tea (Young Hyson green tea infused with Gingko).

Any of these products may prove effective, but as with all too many vendors, it is unclear exactly how much of each ingredient is in most of these blends.

The website kindly offers direction for brewing their teas but little else in the way of information about the product or its milligram amounts of active ingredients.


This is where GA Botanicals or Serenity by GA Botanicals gets to smell a bit fishy. The vast majority of their teas are just $1.99-2.99 in price for 1 oz (that’s 28 grams!). This is virtually unheard of among the kratom community.

Granted, most of their singular kratom powders are marked as $12.99 for 28 grams, but even that is fairly cheap for quality kratom powder. Most top shelf kratom vendors sell 28 grams of kratom for anywhere from $15 to $30.

From what we can tell, $12.99 is a reasonable price for straight up kratom powder, but if you’re buying a 1 oz blend for $1.99, chances are you’re getting the marijuana enthusiast’s equivalent of oregano or pencil shavings. And let’s face it, when you’re looking for cannabis, you don’t want catnip. The same can be said when you’re in the market for some premium kratom powder.


Most of GA Botanicals’ products appear to be readily available which may be a good thing or a bad thing. As you may have noticed in some of our other kratom vendor reviews, some of the best companies out there regularly run out of stock on in-demand kratom strains.

It’s impossible to know what GA Botanicals’ connections are in terms of purchasing kilos of kratom for third party growers, but this is also why it’s impossible to know if their products are really legit without testing them yourself.

No samples were made available to us at the time of this writing.

Perhaps more disconcerting is their lack of literature or shipping information. Their website lacks an FAQ page and no details are provided on their homepage about shipping options or help of any other kind.


At the time of this writing, the last coupon code for GA Botanicals went up in June of 2017. The cats at Coupon Birds have two 10% off promo codes and one 15% off promo code for GA Botanicals.


Despite the company’s total lack of transparency, they have made a name for themselves among the online community in a very short period of time. One reviewer on Reddit wrote, “I was lucky enough to get the GA Botanicals Buttercup Kratom. I tried first time today it’s seems like a more mellow feel.”

Another poster who had the opportunity to become casually acquainted with the owner of GA Botanicals wrote positively about both the product and the man behind it, saying, “Aside from his products, I admire what they’ve done to protect our plant. His wife was at the Kratom March in DC and all that fun stuff. He’s an overall pretty cool guy and his customer service is awesome.

“He kept in touch with me after I ordered and messaged me every so often to see if it had come in. It was nice to feel like he genuinely cared even though I really hadn’t ever talked to him much.”

This same user goes on to expound on the effectiveness of each strain, saying that they make for a nice, even-keeled burn every time and elaborating on how his nerve pain was alleviated by their Relief product.


According to multiple sources, GA Botanicals is an approved vendor with a decent track record. To summarize, while their prices seem a bit hard to believe and their marketing tactics are far from subtle, this Ohio-based company seem to be a, more or less, trustworthy source for kratom powder.

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