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Here at Kratom Crazy, we are all about giving our visitors an exploded view of the world of kratom. Whether it’s kratom legislation, the attempt at a kratom ban or new trends in kratom in 2018 and beyond, we want you to know everything you need to know about Mitragyna speciosa and its many iterations.

In the past, we’ve discussed the allure of botanicals vendors like Serenity by GA Botanicals. For serious noot nuts, these online purveyors of pure herbs are a no-brainer. The sheer variety of supplements and compounds that many of them provide is ideal for those who like to keep their house fully stocked in goodness.

But not all botanicals companies are created equal.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an online kratom vendor and even more to consider when going with a place with “botanicals” in its name. Today, we’ll take a look at how PA Botanicals stacks up to other botanicals vendors in the health and wellness space.

We have evaluated this vendor based on several key factors including versatility, price point, customer service and consumer reputation. After we’ve done a deep dive on the company, I trust you’ll know everything you need to know about PA Botanicals and their product line.

Let’s get crackin’!


As their name would suggest, PA Botanicals is based out of Pennsylvania. They operate out of an East State Street storefront in the industrial city of Sharon just northwest of Pittsburgh. They claim to be the best online vendor of kratom, but we’ll just see about that. : )

PA Botanicals is a family-run business that utilizes a three-step quality control evaluation process. Their inventory is stored in airtight containers in a dark environment until they are needed to fill an order.


With nineteen unique botanicals, including calcium bentonite clay capsules, premium akuamma seed powder and kava, PA Botanicals is a diverse kratom vendor. I’m an English major, so you won’t hear me saying that they are “literally everything,” but I will say that they have one of the most fully loaded herbal stores I’ve come across online.

For those on the lookout for a wealth of kratom strains, PA Botanicals’ line of kratom products is quite the collection! In fact, the line-up features a rather unusual edition to the kratom family—the All American Kratom Blend.


This one stands out like a sore thumb because kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia and other tropical climates. It is rare to find kratom growing in the US. The name is actually a bit misleading since it’s not really made in the USA.

As the website explains, “Just like our great country, this blend has a little bit of everything.” The blend contains everything from Dark Red Borneo and Bentuangie to Green Malay and Ultra MD kratom.

For the purposes of this review, I’ve personally sampled their Jessie’s Blend and I can tell you that it’s got what it takes to take you from wallowing in aches and pains to bouncing around, singing “Jessie’s Girl” at the top of your lungs.

How much kratom to dose will depend on the individual, but I can tell you that 5 grams did the trick for me. I’ve long taken thai kratom for my Fibromyalgia and this blend of Red Thai and White Indo not only vanquished my usual joint pains but gave me a buzz worthy of the best espresso.

Other kratom powders include Cambodian kratom powder, Enhanced Green Borneo and Enhanced Vietnam kratom powder. They also offer kratom tinctures and extract.


This is where PA Botanicals really shine. Remember when your grandparents used to crow about how a penny saved is a penny earned? As a kid, you’d roll your eyes at this, but guess what? Your ass is grown now and you’ve got bills to pay. The last thing you need is to break the bank on some Bali kratom when you’re late on your student loans.


PA Botanicals offers mad discounts on all of their best kratom products and assorted herbs. A military discount is available as well as regular PA Botanicals coupon codes. Their rewards program enables users to earn points for every dollar they spend.


Everyone likes a good deal, am I right? Well, PA Botanicals offers a helluva deal to newcomers. They are currently giving new customers a 20% off discount on their first purchase of kratom products or CBD oil.


Whenever we review a kratom vendor, we hold them to our own high standards. In other words, they better offer a money back guarantee, they better offer transparency about their testing process and they better provide their customers with dedicated customer support.

PA Botanicals’ customer service reps are only available between 9:00 and 2:00 Monday to Friday. This is bad news for customers who were expecting their order to arrive on the weekend.


At the end of the day, no review is nearly as convincing as those of the general public. Think about it. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly can write a glowing review of Ready Player One, but if a bunch of trolls on Reddit say that it’s absolute garbage, you’ll avoid it like dog shit.

The Internet has spoken and PA Botanicals is definitely on their radar. Google reviews rave about their knowledgeable and friendly staff, their great products, their low prices and their bonus deals.

However, not everyone is so positive about this kratom vendor. Former customers have taken to the aforementioned Reddit to talk about the inferiority of their product, their lack of customer support and the weakness of their enhanced kratom powders.

While this may raise red flags for users who are thinking about ordering a sample pack from them, it should be noted that a representative for PA Botanicals promptly responded to these negative comments, apologizing for the users’ lack of satisfaction and urging them to PM the vendor so that they could rectify the problems.

This is generally a good sign as it shows the company truly stands by its satisfaction guarantee.


All things considered, PA Botanicals is a kratom vendor whose prices are reasonable and discounts offer much to recommend them. But beware the mild nature of their kratom strains as you may need a larger dose than you would with many of their competitors’ kratom products.

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