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April 19, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

The Bard famously said, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none,” but when it comes to kratom, it’s hard to love ’em all and still more difficult to trust anyone at all. The industry has laid so much bullshit on M. speciosa enthusiasts that we don’t know what to believe anymore.

Whether it’s the FDA telling people that kratom is inherently dangerous or shady kratom vendors infusing their kratom products with synthetic drugs that can result in hospital visits, finding a source for pure kratom powder can seem like a Herculean task.

For this reason, I make every attempt to explore kratom vendors in depth so that our readers will know exactly who and what they are dealing with. Unfortunately, in the case of Major Kratom, there is a relative lack of information to go by.

Normally, I start my reviews out with a WHO ARE THEY? Section. I’ll tell you where they’re located, what their mission statement is, how they got started, etc. Major Kratom’s website seems deliberately vague in all of these areas.

They don’t tell you where they’re from, they don’t tell you why they got into the kratom game and they don’t expound on their intentions in the space. All we’re told is that they were founded in 2010 and were supposedly nominated for Best Kratom Vendor the following year by a spurious outfit called Kratom Connoisseurs whose website no longer exists.

If you’re an avid kratom user, this has already sounded a few alarms, but there’s another red flag waving here and that’s the utter lack of buzz about their brand. Reddit is saturated in threads and comments about various kratom vendors, but you’re unlikely to find a single post pertaining to Major Kratom.

After searching for two hours in vain, I gave up and decided to turn to other kratom-related forums. Over at I Love Kratom, I was able to find a post by an American Kratom Association affiliate who said that he had been in contact with Major Kratom and that they had been located in Vermont until they realized kratom was illegal in the state.

This offered precious little in the way of valuable information about the vendor and their operations, but at least it was a start…or was it?

As it turns out, more digging yielded nothing in the way of wisdom. Another thirty minutes later and all I’d done was unearth some bogus page about how kratom can make you rich. I was looking for knowledge about a kratom vendor and all I found was some green pyramid scheme that swore kratom could help you earn more money and add length and girth to your penis.

Never one to give up on our readers, I decided the best thing to do would be to go directly to the source. I went to their website and had myself a look around. What I found was less than desirable. Their kratom powders looked more like mulch than the premium kratom powders I’m accustomed to.

The pricing was suspiciously low on most of their kratom strains, but their descriptions were curiously detailed and informative. For instance, their Buntok Maeng Da kratom was said to be grown in rich soil on a plantation in the Buntok region of Indonesia.

“Devoid of jitters or wobbles,” the description read. As someone who hates jitters and wobbles almost as much as I hate jabberwockies and weebles, I knew straight away that this was the kratom for me to sample.

After placing an order for 25 grams, I continued to scan their site for products. Here’s what I found:


Major Kratom offer a decent variety of unique kratom strains from Red Bang Baru and Mahakam River Maeng Da  to Green Vietnam and Black B. The latter is a blend of Maeng Da kratom, dark green kratom and red vein kratom.


One thing I found far from appealing was their Balance Blend. The only thing more suspicious than a low price is a large quantity of kratom powder for a low price. With the Balance Blend, you get a whopping 125 grams for just under fifty bucks.

This is the kind of rubbish us boozers see all the time from beer distributors. A 12-pack of Modelo will cost you a nice chunk of your weekly salary, but you can pick up a 15-can bonus pack of Natty Ice for seven bucks in your neighborhood Rite-Aid. Why? Because Natural Ice is (allegedly) made from the swill left over from the manufacturing of Budweiser.


Quality should always be a major concern for those purchasing kratom. Unlike other plants, the harvesting process for kratom is very delicate and must be meticulously performed. Kratom trees require plenty of sunlight and mineral-rich water. This calls for trained farmers who really know what they’re doing.

All too often, disreputable kratom vendors come along and use substandard kratom plants to make their kratom powder. These plants have low alkaloid content and the vendors remedy this problem by adding synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

Here at Kratom Crazy, you’ll notice that our store is proudly stocked with nothing but 100% organic Mitragyna speciosa (kratom). I can’t say the same for Major Kratom whose website says nothing of the sort about their own kratom products.


After placing my order with Major Kratom, I expected to receive a confirmation email, but no such email was forthcoming. In fairness, it could have gone to my SPAM folder. To be honest, I never thought to look.

That being said, I was impressed by the speed with which I received my order. Not four days later, my package had arrived and I was ready to dig into my kratom sample. As someone who has been taking kratom one to three times a week for the better part of ten years, I’ve obviously built up a bit of a tolerance.

Whenever I’m dosing with kratom, I typically toss and wash 6 to 8 grams. To some, this may seem excessive, but I’m 6 feet tall and 240 lbs. Needless to say, I can handle my bidness. But this was on some different shit.

Right out the gate, this Maeng Da kratom did not live up to its description. You know the expression, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”? Well, I guess I’m not a weeble because this kratom powder got me turnt like I can’t even explain.

8 grams of Buntok Maeng Da not only gave me the jitters it promised not to but it also literally made me fall down at one point. I began to feel dizzy at the forty-five minute mark and then BOOM! I actually lost all coordination and dropped like a sac of spuds.


Major Kratom’s prices may be majorly low and their Maeng Da might be a major trip, but there’s no real reason to trust these guys. They have no legit consumer reputation to speak of and they lack the transparency of more reputable kratom vendors (no third-party testing, no guarantees). This is one kratom company that should be properly vetted.

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