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Based out of Anaheim Hills, California, this kratom vendor has only been around since 2016 and, therefore, they have had very little time to garner word of mouth. While some skeptics have questioned whether they are legit or a scam, the overwhelming evidence points to them being a trusted kratom vendor.

Today, we’ll take a look at what makes them a worthy choice for those looking for premium kratom powder and other kratom products. We’ll also explore the grievances that some of their customers have had.

As with all of our reviews, we’ll take a fair and balanced look at this kratom company based on comprehensive criteria. Never satisfied to simply take a stranger’s word for it, we’ll also sample some of their stuff for ourselves and share our kratom experience.

Let’s roll!


If variety is the spice of life, kratom is the herb of life and both go hand in hand for the frugal kratom buyer. After all, the only thing more aggravating than buying an exciting new kratom strain is visiting an online kratom store and finding that all they offer are the same old standard brand kratom products.

I’m happy to report that Sacred Kratom has some truly outstanding strains in powder form. They include a choice Red Kapuas, Super Green Indo and two quality Borneo veins.

For the purposes of this review, I have selected Red Maeng Da for my personal experience with this vendor because it’s the one kratom strain I have yet to try and, thus, the resulting experience will be free of the bias that comes with comparing one kratom vendor to another.

They also have four unique enhanced kratom products and a 50x kratom extract. Their Enhanced Bentuangie is a favorite among returning customers because of its potency and “comforting aroma.”

Made by applying 99% pure Bentuangie alkaloids back to natural Bentuangie, this one is a bit steep at $65.00 for 20 grams, but if you’re in the market for something powerful, this may be right for you.


I placed my order with Sacred Kratom on a Friday and received my package on Monday. I was really shocked given that most kratom vendors rarely make shipments on weekends and even those who do aren’t typically able to get a Friday order to a customer in one business day.

That being said, this could be much different depending on a user’s location and what time they place their order. In fairness, I placed my order on Friday morning, so it’s not impossible to imagine that they promptly mailed out the shipment that afternoon.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of their shipments are made via USPS and are expected to be delivered within 2-3 business days. Also of note is the free shipping that they provide on orders of $100 or more.

Personally, I had no reason to contact their customer support staff, but their reputation is rock solid. They have dedicated 24/7 support in place and customers can email their issue and expect a timely response.


Sacred Kratom is a bit on the pricey side and they don’t offer the same kind of deals on bulk kratom powder that others do. Their kratom powders vary in price with each price point seeming affordable until you take a closer look at the quantities of kratom.

Many of their red and green veins sell for $15.99, but some are $11.99 and their Bali strain is nine bucks for just 2 ounces.

Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Maestro and PayPal. Other currencies that are accepted include the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Swiss franc, the British pound and the Euro.


When Sacred Kratom first launched as an e-commerce website, they were promoting a discount code, “SACRED25” upon checkout. This does not appear to be the case now as I tried punching it in at checkout and the grand total remained the same.

However, it is worth noting that when I attempted to navigate away from the page, a pop-up appeared, offering a 10% off discount with the promo code “STAY10”.

This is one area in which Sacred Kratom doesn’t exactly excel. Most reputable kratom vendors, especially those actively involved in the community, offer regular kratom coupon codes. That does not seem to be the case with this vendor.


Not everyone is crazy about this kratom vendor. One user accused them of being high priced, saying that they are “one of these ‘8 ounce’ vendors with bullshit premium stuff and NO kilos…their super big 8-ounce package (227 grams) is $83. I can Buy a whole Kilo for $83.”

Still, others have been vocal about how much they enjoy their Green Bali. Another user said, “I’ve ordered from them in the past and their Kratom was good, I enjoyed the GB very much.”

This is not surprising as most green vein kratom strains are renowned for their mood enhancement, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects and mental stimulation.


We’ve all dealt with shady vendors who deliver clumpy kratom powder that’s hard to swallow using the toss n’ wash method. It sticks to the roof of your mouth or gets caught in the back of your throat. Fortunately, Sacred Kratom is not one of those kratom vendors. And their kratom is not one of those clumpy, lumpy powders.

The Red Maeng Da was clean and smooth, more than measuring up to Sacred Kratom’s seemingly bold claim that their product has the consistency of sugar. It really does! This is very well ground kratom powder.

The effects of this strain lasted longer than I’m used to with residual sensations sticking around for well over ten hours. As an entrepreneur with lots of irons in the fire, I have a tendency to be pretty high strung at any given moment. Sacred Kratom’s Red Maeng Da made me chill AF!

The first few hours felt like I’d taken a cognitive enhancement supplement; I was focused, creative and enthusiastic about everything I was doing. At the same time, I felt relaxed and kind of stimulated. The joint pain that first brought me to kratom as an analgesic solution was gone for the duration. I was feeling no pain and felt really keyed in.


Although customers have complained about their failure to refund money and their lack of kilos, the kratom sold by Sacred Kratom is quality kratom, and they’re certainly worth trying if you have some money to burn.

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