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April 28, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

The kratom game is a funky one; there are countless places to buy kratom online, whether you’re in the market for the best kratom extracts or bulk kratom capsules, there is a plethora of places offering “premium kratom.” But not all of them are created equal.

I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve been to that claim to offer live kratom plants or live kratom trees that will flourish upon delivery, but many of these vendors neglect the care required to properly maintain live kratom plants.

Those who buy kratom plants online need to regularly check the pH level of the water used in the plant as the soil must be within an adequate range so that the plant doesn’t have to struggle to absorb nutrients. These are the kind of things that shady kratom vendors fail to mention on their sites.

As a result, all too many noobs place an order for one of these live kratom plants and receive it two weeks later…only for it to die within days. A similar thing can be said of sites selling kratom capsules and raw kratom powder.

Their powders aren’t properly ground and, as such, it makes the ingestion process more than a bit unpleasant. As anyone who has used the toss n’ wash method can tell you, clumpy kratom powder is a nightmare. It gets stuck to the roof of your mouth and leaves behind a bitter taste for up to an hour.

Here at Kratom Crazy, we are committed to evaluating each kratom vendor out there so that our readers can separate the legit online kratom shops from the fly by night scam artists who sell inferior product. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Titan Kratom, a relatively new kratom provider that appears to have only been around for about a year.

I think you’ll agree that quality is important when it comes to kratom and knowing who you’re doing business with is of paramount important when it comes to selecting an online kratom vendor. When we’re done assessing Titan Kratom, I trust you’ll know everything you need to know about this company and its kratom strains.


Good luck figuring that out, friends. Whereas most kratom websites list the full name that the business operates under at the bottom of their homepage (,i.e. © Kratom Crazy Corporate Headquarters: Genome Research LLC), Titan Kratom’s rather bare bones site lists none of this.

If you run a search for where they are located, you find no mailing address. As far as the Internet is concerned, no Titan Kratom LLC even exists. This isn’t anything new, of course; innumerable kratom vendors operate in this way, they’re just not the kind of companies that one can easily trust.

In my kratom-related travails, I have come across lots of shady kratom vendors who live in one place and claim to operate out of another place entirely. But Titan Kratom has taken this questionable business practice one step further by not listing any base of operation at all.

Unlike the top kratom vendors, Titan Kratom doesn’t even have an About Us or FAQ page. It’s like you’re dealing with ghosts.


That’s one of the most common questions kratom users ask. It’s only fair given the glut of price gougers in the M. speciosa marketplace. Kratom prices can vary wildly these days, but generally speaking, everyone should expect to spend no more than $20 for 28 grams of pure kratom powder.

Titan Kratom’s pricing is more than a little dubious; they sell “premium” White Borneo Kratom Powder for just six bucks. I can almost see your jaw hitting the floor right now. That’s right, they offer 28 grams of white vein kratom for only six dollars.

Now, before you cream your jeans and rush to their checkout, really think about what this could mean. The best kratom comes from Thailand or other far-flung exotic locales. It costs money to have it imported to the United States and/or Canada. It costs additional money to have it tested by a third party, properly ground and stored in an appropriate facility.

In other words, by the time a responsible kratom company has produced good kratom powder, they have already made a significant investment and need to charge a price that allows them to recoup their expenses and turn a profit (it’s only fair, right?). This means that they can’t provide their customers with quality kratom for anything less than $16-20.00.

Logic dictates that if an American company is offering kratom for six dollars or less, it’s probably not real kratom. Or, if it is real kratom, it’s no doubt surplus kratom that’s been left over from a superior batch. For this reason alone, Titan Kratom doesn’t earn any Brownie points with us.


The only thing that really stands out about this vendor is the variety of their product line. In addition to Red Elephant Kratom Powder—which sells for a suspiciously low $19.00 for 125 grams—and Red Thai Kratom Powder, they sell a host of kratom capsules from White Golden Sky Kratom Blend to Premium (there’s that word again) Green Kali.

What’s more, they’ve got CBD oil, Blue Lotus and natural herbal incense. I won’t be at all surprised if they end up getting a lot of business among users looking to buy in bulk as they openly advertise their Indonesian kratom kilos. With kilos priced at under one hundred bucks, they’re likely to get plenty of hits from chronic kratom heads.


I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for bargains. I don’t know when I became my grandmother, but I’m constantly cutting coupons and scanning store websites for discounts. This extends to kratom as much as groceries or anything else.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for special deals, you’re not gonna get them with Titan Kratom, most likely because their prices are already so low. I visited all of my favorite kratom coupon pages and I couldn’t find a one.


The best kratom vendors offer 100% money back guarantees and multiple shipping options. Titan Kratom, on the other hand, offer no details about their shipping methods, only saying that orders placed before 12:00 pm EST ship the same day. Furthermore, they stress that customers should expect their order to ship within 1-2 days.

Their Terms of Service specify that refunds will only be issued to customers who return an unopened package. This is a vague way of saying that you can’t sample the product to see if it meets your standards unless you’re willing to sacrifice the money you spent purchasing it.

No customer support page appears on their site. This is pretty lame when you consider that the vast majority of kratom sites have 24/7 live chat, reliable customer support emails or even phone lines one can call to address an issue.


There’s very little out there about consumer experiences with this outfit. One user who ordered their Blazing White Horse blend reported “fun energy, laughing euphoria” and “mobile pain relief.” However, the user in question did not specify how much kratom powder it took to achieve these effects.


Although the minute amount of consumer feedback on this vendor is relatively positive, there is an insufficient amount of evidence to recommend them. Of the high volume of kratom vendors I’ve reviewed, I’d have to say that this one raises more red flags than most. Users are definitely better off going with well-known kratom company rather than wasting money, albeit a small amount of money, on this untested entity.

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