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The Emerald City is known for a lot of things. The Space Needle, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the grunge explosion of the Nineties and, of course, Seattle Hempfest. But in the coming years, it just may become synonymous with the Mitragyna speciosa plant.

That’s right, kratom has blown up in Seattle in recent years and its soaring popularity appears to have reached an apex. A record number of head shops are now offering kratom products to their Washington customers in the region.

There are countless shops peddling kratom powder and kratom capsules along with CBD oil and other concoctions. If you type Best Kratom in Seattle, WA into Yelp, you’ll read all about Anarchy Smoke Shop, Pipe Palace, City Smoke, One Stop Smoke, Choice Tobacco and many others. But Holy Smoke is number one with a bullet.

Let’s take a look at why this place is the go-to location for Seattle kratom users and what they’re offering their patrons.


Located on E Olive Way just down the road from the historic Dick’s Drive-In, Holy Smoke is a head shop whose slogan is, “Success and nothing less.” Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback doled out by their dope-lovin’ customer base, it’s clear to see why. These cats are mad successful at running a prosperous smoke shop with a versatile product line.


Holy Smoke sells paraphernalia, tobacco, cosmetics and personal care products in addition to a variety of kratom products. But you didn’t come here to talk about bongs or scrunchies or press-on nails. We’re here to talk about the kbombs.

Holy Smoke has the goods when it comes to kratom capsules. Their friendly and knowledgeable clerk, Marco, walked me through all of their wares which start at bargain-basement prices.

They carry Krave Kratom’s Maeng Da capsules, Klarity Kratom and something suspiciously called Opium S. When I told him I wanted pure kratom powder, he said that they only sell bulk kratom powder that’s unbranded.

“There’s no brand?” I asked.

He hesitated for a beat and said, “Uuuuh…no,” then promptly changed the subject, expounding on theiir many kratom capsules.

This doesn’t exactly sit well with us as we like to know what we’re getting, so I pressed him some more.

“Is that kratom powder Indonesian?”


“The powder. Is it from Indonesia?”

“Um…I don’t think so,” he said, again reverting back to telling me about their kratom capsules. Ordinarily, this would really grind my gears, but hundreds, if not thousands, of customers can’t be wrong, and Marco was quick to note their low prices.

“The powder starts at 50 cents a gram. Depends on how many grams you wanna buy, though.”

That’s about $14 for your standard 28-gram batch of kratom powder. Not bad given the Seattle economy.


I’ve talked to more than a couple kratom vendors in Seattle and I can tell you that few have been as helpful and gregarious as Holy Smoke’s Marco was. He was polite, forthcoming and full of information about the products he sells.

For this reason, it comes as no surprise that so many of his customers are return customers who rave about the shop’s kratom line.


Visitors to Holy Smoke can pay in cash or via credit or debit cards. Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not an option.


As I said before, Holy Smoke’s patrons are passionate about this shop. They love it for its vaporizers and vape accessories as well as its kratom. They have been called “friendly and family owned” and “true cigar aficionados.”

One customer said, “When I moved to Seattle I felt a little lost, but then I found Holy Smoke and Marco. After our constant debates, he quickly became my best friend in Seattle. He gave great deals and great advice. Not only about the product, but about life.”

Another user called them the “best smoke shop I’ve ever, EVER been too.”

The shop currently holds a three-and-a-half star rating on Yelp and a four-star rating on Google. Google reviewers have talked about their great staff and great deals.

Most importantly for those in the market for pure and potent kratom, one reviewer said, “Many places will sell knock-off to synthetic Kratom…Not here. The Meng Da [sic] strain is among my favorites and they also offer a stronger strain that I have not seen anywhere else.”

Another spoke of their welcoming, crazy-full-of-knowledge atmosphere, saying, “Best place for kratom and glass in town.”


So there you have it! If you’re in the Seattle area and you want to get your hands on some premium green, this is the place with a killer kratom selection for cheap. Go for the kratom capsules and stay for the insane glass artwork.

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