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When English cleric Charles Caleb Colton coined the phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” it’s unlikely that he was talking about a straight-up rip off. As some of you are no doubt aware, it’s a common, if fairly shady, practice for kratom vendors to buy up domain names similar to popular kratom-related sites.

For instance, Kratom by Kratora’s did so well that, not two years after its inception, a bulk kratom dealer bought up

Those committed kratomites on the front lines of the battle to keep kratom from being banned are intimately aware of the American Kratom Association and its efforts to advocate for kratom to remain legal. Their website is

American Kratom Association or AKA, for short, was founded in 2014. Lo, along comes American Kratom, a kratom vendor who bought up

So, is this kratom company worthy of carrying a name synonymous with integrity and quality or are they just another fly-by-night operation? Let’s take a closer look.


The backdrop of their site features the American flag waving in the breeze, but the company itself raises red flags galore. Let’s start with their name. American Kratom is distributed by Aloha Products Supply and while Hawaii is technically a US state, it’s not the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of America.

“No gimmicks, no games. Just premium products in high end packaging.” So reads the About Us page of their official website.

That may all sound enticing for the purist who appreciates authenticity, but their claim of no gimmicks doesn’t exactly align with the American Kratom brand which advertises their product as being encapsulated and packed fresh “in America for the American patriot.”


Not all that much, as it turns out. Technically, they have a lot of products if you visit Aloha Products Supply, but American Kratom itself only offers four strains of kratom in capsule form.

You can choose from their Maeng da, Super Maeng da, Bali and Thai kratom capsules. Each is available in 4 gram, 15 gram or 30 gram pouches. For those who prefer the toss n’ wash method, you can also purchase 1 ounce of kratom powder.

About the only thing that makes their product line unique is the addition of blends like Kratom & Akuamma, Kratom & Kanna and Kratom & Blue Lotus, although these kinds of combinations are seemingly unheard of in the kratom community, at least as a proprietary formula.

Unlike the top kratom vendors in the marketplace, American Kratom does not enable their customers to order online, rather they link to the Aloha Products Supply as their “preferred vendor” and that website in turn tells you to call their 1-800 number to “purhase from our preferred merchant.” It’s all more than a tad fishy.

Speaking of fishy, they don’t list prices on their website, but users on Reddit have said that their kratom products are overpriced and weak.


Whereas most of the best kratom vendors advertise discounts on their website or social media accounts, American Kratom does not offer such deals and you are unlikely to find kratom coupon codes for their product on any of the well-known coupon sites.


This is yet another area in which American Kratom fail to measure up to the competition. They do not disclose info about their shipping methods on either of their related sites nor do they offer any of the traditional means of dedicated customer support.

Instead, they simply give you a Contact Us page where you can punch in your name, email address, phone number and a message to them. After submitting your message, it’s the ole waiting game, hoping that they might get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.


American Kratom has garnered a reputation as the barons of bunk product with one user urging a Reddit poster against patronizing their service, saying, “This is one of the times I 100% say not to waste your time or money…even if you’re withdrawing, it really doesn’t do a damn thing.”

Another user spoke of their bogus Bali kratom, writing, “I was desperate one day and bought a package of 25 capsules, Bali I think. This was after I had several years with experience with Kratom under my belt, let’s just say I know when something is or isn’t the real thing.

“Anyway, this stuff definitely wasn’t – it gave a really strange effect, very fuzzy headed and stoned feeling. Like no kratom I’d ever tried. It didn’t look like it either, and didn’t mix AT ALL into water – very hydrophobic, and as even the coarsest grinds of Kratom will mix into water, it was easy to deduce that whatever I had purchased was NOT Kratom.”

This is not all that shocking when you consider that American Kratom does not undergo the third party testing typical of reputable kratom vendors. Their website does not carry certification from any labs nor does it disclose much of anything about their kratom capsules.


As a long-time kratomite who’s sampled every vein under the sun, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that American Kratom is not one of the more trustworthy kratom companies around. Based on the evidence at hand, we cannot recommend this vendor to our readers.

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