R Kratom: An Overview of the Kratom Subreddit

May 11, 2018 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Research, Kratom Strains

As we’ve said so many times on this blog, the Reddit community is a large and vocal community. Statistics show that approximately 1.69 billion users have accessed the popular social media site in the most recent period with user-generated content driving the platform.

The ignorant noob would probably picture Reddit users as a pack of pimply-faced teenage boys with a remedial grasp of the English language and little more to share than infantile memes, but the fact of the matter is that the regular Reddit poster is someone capable of carefully vetting people, places and/or products, oftentimes resulting in discoveries being made that have eluded law enforcement experts and top researchers.

Back in 2017, a Redditor helped to identify the Jane Doe in a 1975 cold case. They are a special breed, a group of vigilant citizens who don’t suffer fools gladly. Broadly speaking, Redditors can smell bullsh*t a mile off and when they do, they do their due diligence.

If you’re a shady kratom vendor who’s creating fake accounts to pretend like you’re a satisfied customer, don’t be surprised if you get DOXXed by a member of the community. Redditors do not stand for covert advertising efforts or phony users pimping bogus product.

Subreddits are full of information on everything from AI tech and cryptocurrencies to vintage memorabilia and fan fiction. Just about any subject you can think of has been covered on the popular platform and covered in great detail by a knowledgeable swath of unique members.

The Kratom subreddit is one example of this kind of information. There are countless threads about Kratom with users posting about current kratom legislation, the latest kratom rally, the problem with people mislabeling kratom as an opioid, the potential of kratom addiction and dependence, etc.

Of particular interest to those looking to learn about the prospective medicinal benefits of kratom, a user by the handle Gadammcd recently posted about how Kratom has helped a family member who is undergoing chemotherapy after a double mastectomy.

“A few weeks ago I gave her some of my Kratom that I use for back pain, and it’s the best she’s felt since her surgery 4 months ago. The worst part now is dealing with the intense frustration of knowing this effective and safe treatment is under attack.”

On the Kratom subreddit, this is not uncommon; you will find innumerable posts about chronic pain sufferers coping with their conditions by using Kratom for its natural analgesic effects. You’ll find posts about kratom for nausea, kratom dreams, kratom and kava, using kratom to kick opioids, best red strains for strong sedation, et al.

You name it, you can find it! One thing that is especially helpful to those new to the world of kratom is the Kratom 101 page, an introductory guide to what beginners need to know about kratom. For a more comprehensive guide, our readers can visit the epic guide to kratom.

Newer kratomites will appreciate Reddit’s Tolerance page. If you’ve ever wondered about the legality of traveling while in possession of kratom, Redditors have posted about that as well.

One of the most valuable resources on Reddit is their resource guide links, such as the Kratom Dosage Conversion Chart which breaks down measurements for each strain or kratom powder in tablespoons, ounces and grams.

A lot of people who hear about kratom in mainstream publications picture the typical kratom user as some dopey burnout, but by and large, we are a community of educated and passionate individuals who advocate for the scientific study of the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) plant and its many alkaloids.

Not one day ago, a user by the handle Rsedwards808 posted a call to true chemists on the platform to talk about the solubility properties of the mitragyna and 7-hydroxy mitragyna molecules.

We’ve mentioned the potential medicinal benefits of kratom which have been studied by medical experts, particularly in relation to its analgesic and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties.

Lots of Redditors have posted about the benefits they’ve gotten out of kratom use, including many benefits that have not been clinically proven. A number of Redditors have attested to its value as a transitional treatment for those who are looking to quit drinking alcohol.

As one user wrote, “For most people, myself included, kratom almost completely gets rid of alcohol cravings. I used to drink a lot myself, but don’t at all anymore since I’ve used kratom.”

Another user said, “12 years plus alcoholic and pill addict. Kratom helps tremendously to not even be tempted. It’s a great tool if you use it right.”

Perhaps most impressive of all was the testimony of a user who was an alcoholic of thirty years. He wrote that he started using kratom for stress relief without being aware of its effect on some people’s drinking. “With zero effort on my part, I have been relieved of a terrible addiction to the surprise and relief of myself and my loved ones. Kratom is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever experienced.”

It’s a sentiment that is echoed all over the Kratom subreddit, the notion that the M. speciosa plant is a miracle herb that can help those afflicted with a wide variety of chronic conditions. In the past, Redditors have posted about finding relief from Fibromyalgia, back pain, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia and much, much more.

In short, no matter what you want to know about—whether it’s kratom extract, kratom vendors, kratom head shops or bulk kratom powder—you are likely to find someone talking about it on Reddit. For many of us, it’s the go-to place for finding answers about kratom alkaloids, kratom legislation, and everything in between.

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