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One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Is Kratom for sale on Amazon?” To which I always say, “Hey, you know what?…you can actually just go on Amazon yourself and look for it.”

For those seeking some fine kratom powder online, it’s unlikely you’ll find it on Amazon. Ever since the DEA announced their intention to ban kratom back in 2016, the potent herb has been thrust into the national spotlight and it’s been stigmatized as a result of all that attention.

Consequently, Amazon prohibited people from advertising Kratom products on their website. For awhile, some vendors would sell Kratom powder and Kratom extracts under aliases like “Super Green,” “Hot Maeng Da,” “Green Malaysian,” etc. But this does not seem to be the case in 2018.

When you type “super green malaysian” into Amazon’s search bar, the top result you get is Organifi’s Green Juice, a coconut and ashwagandha-infused superfood powder. When you punch in “maeng da kratom powder,” you’re brought to Wakacon’s Kava Fijian Waka powder, Dee Cee Labs’ Formula 303 Pain Relieve Natural Muscle Relaxant and, finally, kava kava powder.

Kava is a psychoactive tea whereas Kratom comes from the coffee family of plants. Some of Kava’s coliforms can make people feel ill. It’s hard to imagine why Kava Kava powder is allowed to be freely sold on Amazon while Kratom is not considering the potential side effects of Kava can include fever, nausea and anxiety, but it hasn’t yet been demonized by the FDA in the way that Kratom has.

Some of the top searches on Amazon include “kratom capsules for pain,” “kratom capsules for anxiety” and “kratom powder maeng da” and “kratom powder bulk,” suggesting that there are still plenty of people looking to buy kratom online.



Sadly, the answer is no, although searching for it will yield a multitude of other capsules including Neurocet, T6 Cryotherapy and My Brain. These are smart drugs not to be confused with Kratom in any way, shape or form.

The good news is, Kratom is readily available elsewhere.


If you’ve found this blog post, then you’re already on the right track. You can visit our store today to get your hands on any one of our premium Kratom powders.

We regularly stock Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, Super Green Malay, White Vein Borneo, Red Vein Borneo, Red Vein Indonesian, Red Vein Thai, White Indonesian and Green Vein Borneo. Kratom capsules are also available as well as a 3-strain sample pack, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Mitragyna Javanica and pure Akuamma powder.

If you’re in the market for multiple strains and want to shop around, you may want to consider one of the top kratom vendors we’ve recommended in the past. There is not shortage of reputable kratom companies around. Here are a few that we’ve been impressed by recently.


  • GAIA Ethnobotanical
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Happy Hippo Herbals

GAIA Ethnobotanical has been on our radar for some time now. Last year, we reported on their relaunch after they expanded their operation to two new production facilities. Since then, the company has only continued to grow its rabid fan base and product line. Their prices are reasonable and their kratom powders are potent.

Founded in 2015, Coastline Kratom is a kratom vendor with a dedicated base of satisfied customers and a full line of kratom powders from Bali and Malay to Horned Kratom and Borneo Kratom. Of particular interest here is the fact that they offer live kratom plants, something that’s rare in the Kratom space.

Happy Hippo Herbals has earned its name by keeping a smile on their customers’ faces with a variety of Kratom strains, helpful labels for identifying which strain does what and other notable nutraceuticals like Phenibut and Kava. Coupon codes and other discounts are regularly available for this vendor.


Despite the extensive research that goes into our reviews of Kratom vendors, I always urge our readers to do their homework. Don’t settle for our opinion or evidence when selecting a Kratom company. It’s always best to do your own independent research and see what the Kratom community has to say about their Kratom powders and Kratom capsules.

Also, think about why you’re ordering Kratom online. Some people are seeking Kratom strains that deliver a stimulating effect while others choose to purchase a Kratom strain for potential pain relief or even a sense of euphoria.

If a Kratom vendor does not provide detailed information about their Kratom strains, they are probably not a company worth dealing with. Always bear in mind that Kratom is a research chemical often used in aromatherapy. The FDA has not approved it as a dietary supplement and it is not considered safe for human consumption.


No one should attempt to order Kratom on Amazon, no matter what the seller is calling it. Chances are, you won’t be receiving real or pure Kratom. Instead, you may end up ingesting something synthetic and dangerous. Order Kratom with caution and at your own discretion. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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